Nick Dranias

About the Author Nick Dranias

Nick Dranias is Director of Policy Development and Constitutional Government at the Goldwater Institute. Dranias led the Institute’s successful challenge to Arizona’s system of government campaign financing to the U.S. Supreme Court. Using an emergency motion invoking the archaic All Writs Act, Dranias was able to persuade the Court to block campaign subsidies from being paid to government-funded candidates during the 2010 election cycle. Dranias also serves as a constitutional scholar. He has authored scholarly articles dealing with a wide spectrum of issues in constitutional and regulatory policy. His articles have been published by leading law reviews, bar journals and think tanks across the country. Dranias’ latest works are (with Byron Schlomach) Recognizing Pension Fund Insolvency: A Catalyst for Reform and (with Andrew Kleit) Moving Forward: A Roadmap for Choice and Competition. Dranias also serves on the board of Compact for America, Inc., which is urging the states to advance a Balanced Budget Amendment using an interstate compact.