Larry Pratt

About the Author Larry Pratt

Larry Pratt has been Executive Director of Gun Owners of America for 27 years. GOA is a national membership organization of 300,000 Americans dedicated to promoting their second amendment freedom to keep and bear arms. He published a book, Armed People Victorious, in 1990 and was editor of a book, Safeguarding Liberty: The Constitution & Militias, 1995. His latest book, On the Firing Line: Essays in the Defense of Liberty was published in 2001. Pratt has held elective office in the state legislature of Virginia, serving in the House of Delegates. Pratt directs a number of other public interest organizations and serves as the Vice-Chairman of the American Institute for Cancer Research. Assisting Larry Pratt in the operations of GOA is his son Erich Pratt, who is communications director of GOA. Both Larry and Erich are available to conduct interviews on the topics of 2nd Amendment Rights, self defense and the Biblical position on firearm ownership.