David Zuniga

About the Author David Zuniga

A consulting architectural engineer for 28 years, David planted four classical Christian K-12 schools in three states. He is founder and CEO of AmericaAgain!, a perpetual trust and membership organization that with just 1% of the population can end D.C. organized crime. His 2010 book This Bloodless Liberty describes the mission and his 2015 book FEAR The People lays out the plan of action: America’s House™ will ratify the original First Amendment already ratified in 11 states, growing the U.S. House to 6400 members in small, local elections…pass the Bring Congress Home Act, all members of Congress work full time from a hometown office at half their present pay, no benefits, two terms maximum…the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ will keep members of Congress from violating the Constitution…the 22 AmericaAgain! reform laws will take back all that D.C. criminals (including the federal courts) have stolen…and finally, restore the Citizen Militia, the law enforcement and national defense force stipulated in the Constitution. David is a regular contributor on blogs and alternative media including D.C. Clothesline, Freedom Outpost, Liberty Beacon, Prepper Recon and others.