CJ Roberson

About the Author CJ Roberson

CJ Roberson was born in Ridgecrest, California and spent her childhood in several states, as her parents were missionaries to the Native Americans. Growing up with two older sisters and two younger brothers definitely made CJ the stereotypical middle child, and very independent. CJ graduated from Rio Vista High at age 15 and immediately enrolled at Southwest Missouri State University. While attending college CJ worked at an ABC television affiliate and met her first husband, whom she married in 1983. In 1995 CJ divorced her husband and as a single parent went back to college at age 31, where she studied biology/chemistry and minored in American Indian studies. After earning her degree, CJ planned to attend Loma Linda Dental School, but her circumstances changed and she started her own company to provide income for her children. After raising her three amazing children, CJ remarried and she currently lives in Wyoming with her husband, Anthony and border collie, Oreo. She is the author of Under the Watchful Eye.