Australia to Allie with Other Western Nations in Opposition to Obama’s Climate Lunacy

Obama’s war on coal to combat the mythical farce known as global warming/climate change is set to devastate America through the closing of hundreds of coal-fired power plants, implementation of a cap and trade scheme, and funneling of funds into the “green energy” scam. What this means for America is more lost jobs, increased electrical prices and wasting tax-payer money that could be used for a more productive purpose such as better medical care for our veterans. Obama and his EPA goons are lock step with the environmentalist left as both seek to gut America of her greatness.

While Obama and the members of the “global warming/climate change” pseudo-religion spew their Chicken Little dialogue to justify destruction of America’s reliable energy and economy, Australia is pushing back against the wannabe King Obama when it comes to the climate change agenda. Australia’s Prime Minister Tony Abbott is trying to find “like-minded” countries to ally against Obama and other world leaders to stymie efforts by Obama and his follower to force climate policies on unwilling countries. Abbott is looking to form an alliance between Canada, New Zealand, Britain, India and Australia.

If anyone knows the consequences of Obama’s climate policy initiative, it would be Prime Minister Abbott. Before Abbott’s party won a national landslide victory, Australia had implemented climate policies in the form of a carbon tax and cap and trade schemes. So, why is Australia now ditching it’s climate policies when Obama is gearing up to place the US under these same schemes while at the same time encouraging other nations to do the same?

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The explanation comes from a study done last year by Dr. Alex Robson, an economist at Griffith University. Robson’s study found that after one year of climate policies in Australia, “the carbon tax increased taxed on 2.2 million Australians while doing nothing to decrease the country’s carbon emissions.” This same carbon tax raised electricity rates by 15 percent with the country’s unemployment rate increasing by 10 percent after implementation.

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Many conservatives have been saying this exact same thing. Climate policies that include carbon taxes and cap and trade will do nothing to stem carbon emission. It is a means of fleecing people out of money and exercising control.

In March, Prime Minister Abbott stated, “The carbon tax is an act of economic vandalism. You can’t trust [Labor] anywhere near an economy.”

Abbott was speaking of Australia’s Labor Party whose Senators are now buckling under pressure to get rid of the tax as efforts to repeal the country’s carbon tax goes forward.

Abbott’s party, the conservative Liberal-National Party, won on a platform of limited government to include repealing the country’s carbon tax, gutting global warming spending and decreasing funds for green energy. In fact, Australia is set to decrease the money spent on global warming by 90% over the next 4 years. This is more than significant; it is major.

When our Congress decides to decrease spending, Americans usually see a projected savings of 10 – 20 percent over 10 – 20 years; however, Americans find out that government touted savings is not savings at all.

Abbott faces an uphill battle in establishing his alliance. Even though Abbott has targeted countries that have “center-right” governments, Britain and New Zealand have cap and trade scams already in place. To make matters more difficult, Britain Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated his support for combating global warming.

“Stupid is as stupid does.” Australia has firsthand experience with carbon tax, cap and trade and spending to reduce global warming. A recent study has found the country’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions in order to thwart global warming useless. While carbon emissions in Australia remained the same, people were paying increased taxes to the government, increased electricity prices and losing jobs because of the green energy climate change scheme. Despite this information, Obama, his ilk and sheeple in the form of the environmentalist liberals and world leaders continue to support the fleecing of the citizens of the US and other nations around the world. Obama’s driving force is his narcissistic disorder to make a name for himself in history, US as well as world, regardless of the cost. What is driving other world leaders is unknown but altruism or concern for the environment isn’t it.

Whether it’s called global warming or climate change doesn’t change the fact that it is a farce, a ruse used to implement policy to part people from their hard earned money placing more money in the hands of government. Conservatives in America see this. Australians have seen this and a study proves it. However, the environmentalist left and narcissistic Obama refuse to look at distinct facts and the history of a country who has experience with the climate policy initiatives. In fact, the entire international community is refusing to look at what happened in Australia as a predilection of the consequences of the implementation of these climate policies.

While some may wonder why this is the case, others know exactly what drives the buffoons who lead some of these nations in adopting these economy killing policies. It’s called the heralding in of “The New World Order” under one world governance with the United Nations “ruling” over all nations. It is to herald the end of national sovereignty for all nations and make every individual a sovereign citizen or a citizen who has no country in order to fall under international law. It is especially targeted at destroying the exceptionalism that is America – a nation founded on upholding of individual God-given rights through limited representative government. Other nations may think that a utopia of total equality of nations will emerge with each having equal say at the table of governance. Unfortunately, the world is not the fabled Camelot of King Arthur and there is no such thing as a round table where opinions are valued equally.

These climate policies are also slated to develop two classes in the world: the rich, powerful “ruling elite” and the slaves who do their bidding. People subjected to these ridiculous climate policy scams who are already struggling will sink into poverty. Some will go quickly while others will take longer; but, eventually, everyone, except those with money and in government, will be poor and subservient to the whims of the ruling elite. Those that rule will “sell south” the subservient who will be denied a voice in opposition.

When it comes down between the money elite and the UN, the UN will be abolished but not before it has initiated some form of genocide or democide to decrease the world population.

What is ironic is the environmentalist liberals will go the same path as climate change denying conservatives when these climate policies are implemented. And, while the liberals are squealing like pigs because they were affected by their own short-sighted stupidity, conservatives will be saying “We tried to tell you.” By then, it may be too late.

But, what do I know. I’m the tin foil hat wearing right wing extremist woman that someone let out of the kitchen where I should be kept. Thank you Mom for encouraging me to be different and embrace individuality!

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