Atheist 9 11 Memorial Cross Outrage Is Grossly Offensive To Patriotic Americans

The atheist 9 11 memorial cross outrage in New Jersey is disgusting and pathetic. But it is also a sign that a fringe group is getting more extreme and militant. Are they are now acting like terrorists?

In Coos Bay, Oregon, a veteran’s memorial cross was bombed by an atheist group known as the FFRF, or the Freedom From Religion Foundation. The violent atheist organization had sent 9-11cross-300x203letters to the city demanding they take the cross down. The monument is small in comparison to many, and its symbolism far outweighs anything that a bunch of atheist bullies would deem offense. But the very sight of a cross is offensive. To atheists, Muslims, homosexuals, and others who hate the symbol of the cross. When the cross becomes offensive, it is a sign of complete societal failure.

The FFRF in their hate attempted to destroy the cross in Oregon, but they didn’t completely destroy the memorial. They merely damaged the cement structure. But in Princeton, New Jersey, atheist 9 11 Memorial Cross opposition is crossing a line. Jewish Deputy Fire Chief Roy James wants to put up a 9/11 memorial using a Christian cross.

It’s a proper and loving tribute to the people who lost their lives on 9/11. Those who died so senselessly at the hands of Muslim terrorists determined to destroy the infrastructure of our country. And it is the only fitting tribute for a memorial that happened on the soil of a Christian nation. At least, we used to be a Christian nation.

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Enter the American Atheists , the late Madelyn Murray O’Hair’s organization founded in 1963. O’Hair’s venom sparked the national debate over prayer in schools, and because of her, prayer in public schools was deemed a violation of the Establishment Clause of the Constitution in 1963.

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If O’Hair was alive today she would be gleeful that her band of godless heathens have turned into outright domestic terrorists. For it is the American Atheists that are up in arms about the Memorial 9/11 cross because it was created out a beam that was salvaged from the ruins of the World Trade Center. A cross was carved out of the ruins. What a beautiful and appropriate tribute. The Cross is life in the face of death.

But an atheist sees an affront. “This particular beam has a religious symbol on it,” American Atheists president David Silverman told Fox News. “They have a beam with a religious symbol and that makes it a religious icon.”

Our country was founded on Christian principles. Crosses are symbolic of America, land of the free and home of the brave. But to an atheist, the mere symbol of a cross is threatening. Even if this is for a memorial tribute to those who lost their lives on 9/11. For this group of monsters to be so heartless is an affront to those who perished in the attack, to their families.

Deputy Fire Chief Roy James told Fox News, “I’m a Jew. Ironically, I’m fighting to have this cross there because I believe that someone’s story is behind that. That story needs to be told. It has nothing to do with religious faith. It has something to do with telling history.”

James is absolutely correct, and he is not coming from a Christian. The memorial tells a story. It is our heritage, and thank God someone appreciates this.

However, the American Atheists attorney sent a letter to the city warning of legal action, as Silverman bemoaned, “While the intention to commemorate those who died at the World Trade Center is admirable and appropriate for a community, the use of such a singular religious image will be grossly offensive and alienating to many people,” he wrote in a letter published by The Times of Trenton.

Is this letter writing a precursor to something more sinister, like a bomb threat? Could the American Atheists decide that it’s time to turn into terrorists for the sake of saving the community from having to look at a cross, something that is symbolic of Christianity?

Absolutely. They already are terrorists. They just haven’t started using weapons are regularly as Muslims have. But they can and they will. Everyone is getting militant in their denial of Christ, of anything that symbolizes Christianity. The issue has nothing to do with the actual monument, just the symbolism of it. It’s unlikely an atheist would even visit the monument. It’s just unadulterated evil continuing to rear its ugly head in America.

To think that the Muslim terrorists on 9/11 wanted to render us helpless. They did, but we’re destroying ourselves from within, as every fringe group in society has taken on the characteristics of terrorists.

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