Are We as Dumb as They Think We Are?

I’ve been called a fascist by communists and a communist by fascists. I’ve been called a pagan by Christians and a Christian by pagans. I’ve been called an optimist by pessimists and a pessimist by optimists. All of us have been labeled by others. We’ve all been called this by that and that by this; we’ve all had people try to insult us by how they refer to us. But when people insult our intelligence, they are usually showing their ignorance.

The actions of the second-stringers, stand-ins, and understudies from the theater of the absurd, who now pass for leadership in our Republic not only insult our intelligence, they act as if the American people have the IQ of a potted plant and the attention span of someone riddled with ADD. There is one good thing about people who insult our intelligence: they’re probably misunderestimating the true level of our understanding.

Looking back, our President told us that killing the Keystone Pipeline was no big deal. Instead, he told us, “However many jobs might be generated by a Keystone pipeline, they’re going to be a lot fewer than the jobs that are created by extending the payroll tax cut and extending unemployment insurance.” Making decisions that kill the opportunity to create real jobs is offset by the jobs created by extending payments made to those who are unemployed. That doesn’t make sense to anyone outside the beltway

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While Mr. Obama may work day and night to kill projects that might actually provide some work for the rest of us, he has no problem investing billions of our dollars in green energy boondoggles that turn a profit for his donors and cronies. Then, when the flimflams are about to be exposed as the money pits they are, or on the eve of an election, the Energy Department, which turned a blind eye to the initial foolish investment, suddenly becomes involved and the announcement is delayed until after the marks, I mean voters, have cast their ballots.

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In foreign policy, our Commander-in-Chief announced the date for our withdrawal from Afghanistan at the same time he announced the same type of surge he was against in Iraq. Then he decides it’s time to negotiate with the Taliban. Are we supposed to believe these highly dedicated, highly motivated, and religiously fanatic, battle-hardened warriors will rush to make concessions? Didn’t they instead hang tough, demand concessions, waiting to pick up the pieces as our leader leads our valiant, though under-cut warriors, for the door? Does anyone doubt that our creatures in Kabul will be on a jumbo jet filled with American dollars before our last soldier gets home? All this is presented as a rational settlement instead of an abject surrender and jaded political maneuver.

There’s no inflation. At least, that’s what the Federal Government wants us to believe. Everyone who goes to the supermarket, buys gas, or pays to heat their home can evaluate the reliability of that piece of government information for themselves.

Looking at today, Hillary didn’t blame the video when she spoke at the return of the coffins. All it takes is one click of the mouse to find a video that shows her doing it, yet the Corporations Once Known as the mainstream Media and their cable twin sisters never mention that as they debate endlessly whether she is lying or not.

Bernie isn’t a socialist. This is what we are told, yet, once again, one click of the mouse produces so much evidence that socialist is putting it mildly. In addition, this supposed voice for the working man never had a job until he was in his forties, and he has been a professional agitator or politician all his life. He has never had a real job, yet the multimedia never mentions this at all, though the information is once again merely a mouse click away.

On the other hand… Marco is all in for controlling immigration, as exposed by his gang of eight debacle. Ted is going to fight the big corporations that control government by taking loans to get elected from the same people he wants to fight. Kasich is going to solve all our problems caused by the professional politicians because he is a professional politician. And, of course, the Big Kahuna is going to fight the very establishment he has been a part of for more than 40 years.

How could anyone ever see through any of this, unless, of course, they have at least the IQ of that potted plant mentioned earlier? This may be insulting, it may show us what the perpetually re-elected think of their constituents, but it also shows that they’re giving us an advantage. We’re smarter than they think we are, so we should be able to blind side them with organizational skills and motivational abilities far beyond what they’ll expect.

They are counting the Tea Party out because we aren’t holding mass rallies anymore. They believe they’ve won the organizational battle because they were able to mobilize the occupy everywhere crowd to gather for a street party and pollute some major cities. They believe that since the conservative vote is currently split, the GOP will commit suicide in a brokered convention that ignores its own voters and nominates the next Bob Dole/John McCain/Mitt Romney moderate to play the part of the Washington Generals in a Harlem Globe Trotter game: good but never quite good enough. In 2016, they see the Republicans, like the Washington Generals, there to provide a platform for the chosen winner to shine.

The parties of power treat us with such disdain that it’s obvious they believe we’re the sheep they work so hard to make us. They believe Americans have been dumbed down enough and fattened with enough entitlements that we’ll barely bah bah bah as they lead us to the shearing shed one more time. Our Progressive leaders in both parties see that this election is the one that counts. This is the election that will either drive us over the cliff into the shabby abyss of collectivist conformity or will give us one last opportunity to return to limited government, personal liberty, and economic freedom.

We may not be demonstrating in the streets. We may not be organizing boycotts. We may not be united behind one candidate. However, we are awake. We are educating ourselves. We are determined that this great experiment in human freedom shall not perish from the face of the earth. Vote for the Constitution. Vote for personal liberty. Vote for economic freedom. If we all do what we can, we will accomplish what must be done. We will keep the faith. We will keep the peace. We shall overcome!

Or are we as dumb as they think we are?

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