Applying Critical Thinking and Redefining A Narrative In Order to Restore Liberty

I once wrote an article called, “Collectivism vs. Individualism – Reframing an Argument.” In this article, I asked what can be done to “reframe” the conservative position in order to restore liberty, and a proper understanding of our duties to maintain a constitutional, republican form of government. The basic premise was that a “collective view” of our “responsibilities” in a constitutional republic was vital in order to see the government established by our forefathers restored. Sadly, our current generation is lost concerning the constitution and the rights it was intended to protect. Most of them can’t even tell you what the first amendment is. Progressives take the position that our constitution is outdated and that it has failed to go far enough in describing human rights. They believe it is oppressive because it limits what the government can do for the people, so they argue. They would have you believe that health care, economic equality and a right to be free from offense are the rights promised in American society, and because the constitution does not define these rights, it stands as an impediment to their vision of progress.

The best way to articulate how lost our youth are today is to describe the conversations I have with young people. For example, I asked a young girl working the cash register if she had ever read the constitution. I do this often as I have been inspired by watching certain reporters do the same concerning current events. I wanted to see the responses I would get. While this young girl’s answer was disappointing, it wasn’t the most shocking. The most shocking came from a young man who was a freshman in college. His reply to my question was that he hadn’t read it because it was too long, and he wasn’t sure if he could read the whole thing. That is what liberty means to our children today, a lack of knowledge about our constitution so monumental, that they don’t even realize it fits in their back pockets. The response of the girl at the cash register was a little more thoughtful. She replied by saying she had read it in middle school and would not likely read it again because it was written in cursive and difficult to understand; her words, not mine.

What I have discovered through five years of “higher education” is that kids are being trained to believe this. They are being trained to believe that the constitution is something standing in the way of progress, and it should be discarded. How many people do you know that advocate the living, breathing document position, yet are unable to describe why they hold such a view? More shocking still was the fact that whatever narrative was driving the main stream media at the time would surely be reinforced in the class room. For example, I had heard three times from two different professors that my family was likely racist if they had not voted for Obama. The media, government and education system seemed to be working hand in hand to push the narrative that America was bad and only by resorting to collectivism did we stand a chance. Accepting a state sponsored paradise known as communism was the only way to redemption. The word communism was never used, but other words like “communitarian” and utopia were used to describe what anybody over the age of 40 would recognize as a coming tyranny.

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The Left is redefining the terms under which we are forced to argue, and “political correctness” is the vehicle. Political correctness dictates thoughts and speech; however, many have no idea how it originated or what the purpose was. Political Correctness was introduced in the early 1900’s as a means of establishing Cultural Marxism in a society. To understand this, you must Understand Marx. Marx believed a revolution of the proletariat would uproot the bourgeois and a state sponsored paradise would ensue. The Marxists of the early twentieth century were frustrated because their theory didn’t work. The events that led to WWI were based on the idea that the working classes would unite against capitalists on an international scale. Instead, they remained loyal to their nation states and workers from one country engaged workers from another in mortal combat. Antonia Gramschi understood the flaws in Marx’s theory and built on his ideas. He understood that only incrementally could you successfully uproot the ruling elite and establish world communism. This would entail the laborious chore of changing the hearts and minds of men. It was western culture, or Christianity itself that stood in the way of creating this communist utopia. With the help of a man named Georg Lukacs, (who advocated the use of sexual socialization in public schools in order to destroy traditional morality,) they developed the ground work for what would later be known as the “Frankfort School of Social Research.”

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Many people are familiar with term “critical thinking.” Critical thinking is a product of the School of Social Research, the core tenant behind this method of thinking is called “Critical Theory.” This theory teaches people to be “critical of” or to criticize everything they are thinking about as opposed to logical thinking. It was designed by Gramschi and Lukacs explicitly to get people to question their own western heritage for the purpose of tearing it down. In order to get people to willingly accept communism, God must be destroyed in the minds of men. This was the purpose of political correctness. This is the mother theory the left holds dear, from feminism and racism to questioning the obvious attempt to transform us from a nation of freedom to one of tyranny.

Now that we have established the moral depravity of the Left and the lengths they are willing to go to establish their world vision, we have to ask ourselves, what do we do about it? We have to become the radicals they are accusing us of being; essentially, and turn some of their precious theories against them as they have done to us. Many people have been saying this for a long time, but we need to do it in a way that the young people who are so concerned about human rights can be brought to the table and realize their support for progressive policies is destructive to their aims. This is no easy feat; it will take the same effort that was put into developing political correctness to destroy it. It will take the endurance that Joseph Goebbels used when discovering that the big lie will be believed if told often enough. It will be nothing short of a cultural revolution that could take a century.

Reframing the question and introducing our own version of critical thinking is one way to approach this. “What makes you think the government will provide you free healthcare when they are demonstrating they don’t believe your life is valuable enough for you to have the right to defend it?” This is an example of a question that goes right to the issue of rights and how they are defined, while forcing young people to critically think about the fallacy of their position. It will take years of the same diabolical patience the left uses, and the undying commitment of people who love their country to turn this around. Ditching political correctness at all times no matter the cost is absolutely necessary. Another question to pose to those who fail to understand where rights are derived from could go like this- “How can government grant us rights like health care, if they fail to acknowledge that the constitution protects your rights to be free and secure in your own property?” Without property, it is difficult to have any other natural rights. Given the fact that the young people in question are very unlikely to be aware of their fourth amendment rights, a quick lesson may be in order.

To sum this up more simply, we need to apply critical theory against those young people foolishly advocating progressive policies, while getting them to think “critically” about what they are attempting to change. A point by point comparison between the liberties and virtues of a constitutional republic, and a collective Utopia must be clearly defined in the minds of these young and extremely gullible people. We are at critical mass as the president is all but telling us he intends to rule by executive fiat. Progressive education policies and a deliberate effort to discredit the constitution have instilled a notion in young liberals that the president is within his constitutional authority to do so. If you haven’t noticed, there is very little opposition coming from the alleged oppositional party. It is up to us and us alone to make this final push to secure liberty and save the America that our sons and daughters, fathers and mothers have fought sacrificed to pass on to us. We are not trying to save this country for us, but for our children and grandchildren. Right now, as it stands, they have been reduced to nothing but servitude as the consequence of our pleasures and the road easily traveled has been passed on to them to repay in full. Only by seizing control of the narrative and captivating the minds of those whom the future belongs to, do we stand a chance of restoring this country.

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