Anti-Semitism Spreads to Sweden

The Times of Israel reported Friday that “Sweden’s new government is set to recognize the State of Palestine, in a move that will make it the first member of the European Union to do so.” On the eve of the holiest day of the year for the Jewish people, Yom Kippur, they announce this. The anti-Semites of Sweden, who have all but given up and handed their country over to Islamic supremacists, seek to impose the same fate upon the Jewish people.

Sweden’s new leftist Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said: “The conflict between Israel and Palestine can only be solved with a two-state solution, negotiated in accordance with international law. … The two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to co-exist peacefully. Sweden will therefore recognize the state of Palestine.”

And with the new government, Sweden now has its first Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer in a top leadership position: Mehmet Kaplan, who was on board the Turkish jihad flotilla that chanted a genocidal Islamic war chant and battled Israeli troops while on a supposed “humanitarian” mission to Gaza.

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He didn’t say when or how Sweden was going to recognize a state that doesn’t exist, but that’s just details. Lofven has made it abundantly clear that Sweden is aligning itself firmly with the Islamic states of the world, all of which are hotbeds of Jew hatred and calls for jihad against Israel.

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Israel Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi pointed out that Sweden’s actions would not bring peace, but would make it more difficult to attain: “The more international support the Palestinians receive without being required to negotiate and without paying their due in mutual concessions, the less likely an accord becomes.”

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman added: “If the situation in the Middle East is what concerns the Swedish prime minister in his inaugural speech, he would be better off focusing on more pressing matters in the region such as the daily mass killings taking place in Syria, Iraq and other places.”

Pamela Geller’s commitment to freedom from jihad and Shariah shines forth in her books

Sweden has, in fact, evolved into more of an Islamic state than a Western one. Recent news reports show crushing weakness and dhimmitude in the wake of violent Muslim agitation.

The Swedish authorities’ response to the jihad raging on their streets is: “We will have to live with the shootings.” Swedish police are ambushed and attacked by Muslim mobs. Police are beaten by Muslim gangs. Regularly. Muslims torch cars, stone police and riot across cities in Sweden. The Islamic State in Sweden has vowed, “Until the day we die, we will engage in war against Sweden and Europe.” “Truly catastrophic” plots have been thwarted in Sweden. Muslims have set up non-go, Shariah zones in Sweden. A politician who spoke critically of Islam had a bomb planted in his car.

With the rising aggression of Muslims and the capitulation of the non-Muslim authorities has come a sharp rise in anti-Semitism. Jews are openly beaten in the streets in Sweden by Muslims. Muslim politicians in Sweden have called Jews apes and pigs. Swedes are beaten with iron pipes for displaying the Israel flag.

Are they hoping to make a deal with the devil?

Why is Sweden recognizing the annihilationist movement against the Jews? What exactly is Sweden recognizing and sanctioning? The jihad against the Jews.

This is surrender to jihad. In April of this year, the Swedes criminalized criticism of Islam in accordance with the Shariah. Now this.

Sweden’s new dhimmi prime minister said, “The two-state solution requires mutual recognition and a will to co-exist peacefully. Sweden will, therefore, recognize the state of Palestine.” When have the Muslims in Gaza, Judea or Samaria (the mythical “Palestinians”) ever said that they would recognize the Jewish state? The very existence of the state of Israel is deeply offensive to devout Muslims.

There are two states already: Israel and Jordan. A “Palestinian” state would simply become a new jihad base for renewed attacks against a reduced and truncated Israel. Its inception would embolden the jihadis who are openly thirsting for a new genocide of the Jews.

Sweden was once wealthy, beautiful and modern. But all that has changed. It has become as totalitarian as Saudi Arabia or Iran. Its immigration policies have overwhelmed the culture and the treasury of the Swedes. One U.N. report says that Sweden will soon be a Third-World nation.

The worse it gets, the more restrictions there are on freedom and speech. Strict enforcement of the blasphemy laws under the Shariah – “do not criticize or insult Islam.”

A chilling video shows how one of Sweden’s biggest newspapers, Expressen, used criminal hackers to break into Disqus and get the email addresses and identities of commenters online, and to reveal the persons behind the nicknames or anonymous user IDs. The newspaper sent a reporter and a cameraman to one person’s home and asked them about things they had written on different websites. Expressen published the names and photos of some people, which led to at least one person losing his job.

The newspaper should have been shuttered and its editor(s) brought up on charges. But this is Shariah, so it was the victims who were punished. And with the recognition of “Palestine,” the Swedes have out-Saudied the Saudis again.

One commenter to my website,, wrote: “I am a Swedish citizen and I am soon leaving Sweden because the Muslim invasion of my country makes it impossible to live here. Today we got the news that there is an Islamist in the government. In Sweden there are now crimes like gang rapes, honor killings, and so on. Crimes like that were not heard about before. Sweden used to be a quiet and peaceful country up in the northern Europe. Today it is an Arabic hell hole. I am moving out now.”

That could become the epitaph for all of Europe.

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