Another White Man Shot to Death By Three Blacks While Walking to His Car

It must be open season on white people in America…

Yet another white man shot by a trio of black people. Even though some on the left were quick to come out with their statements that one of the three killers of Christopher Lane appeared to be white (never mind that the question is how he sees himself), that statement cannot be made in this instance at all. I’m sure those on the left will find some way to call people like me racists though due to my audacity in reporting on it.

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

From the Blaze: “A young white male – David Santucci, 27 – was walking to his car on a city street late at night on August 12 when he was confronted by a trio of black individuals. They shot him dead. Police have arrested three people and charged them with first degree murder. But some in the victim’s family can’t understand why the shooting is being called a failed robbery when they say the evidence suggests something possibly more sinister: a hate crime.”

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Let’s go over what we know. One white male walking to his car at night confronted by three black individuals. He was shot dead. The three who are believed to have committed the crime are in police custody and charged with first degree murder. In fact, they were arrested in less than 15 minutes. It has not been ruled a hate crime because the police are calling it a “failed robbery.”

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David Santucci
David Santucci
What else can we learn from the event? The murder happened in Memphis, TN. The victim was killed with one 9mm bullet shot into his heart. Nothing was taken from the victim. His wallet, cell phone, car keys, and car were all left at the scene. Did something scare the shooters off? Why would they shoot him first rather than simply rob him, if robbery was indeed the motive?

According to witnesses, a “car drove past David, stopped and backed up. One of the suspects (Mario Patterson) got out of the car and walked toward Santucci, fired a shot and ran back to the car, jumping into the driver’s seat and speeding off.” The spent shell casing was found roughly ten feet from the victim’s body. Police say this indicates that the shooter was not at close range. If he was not at close range and simply got out, shot, then jumped back into the car, it doesn’t seem possible that robbery was the motive.

I think Colin Flaherty has proven (in his book “White Girl Bleed a Lot”), that these types of incidents are rarely labeled hate crimes because they’re afraid it might incite whites to retaliate. That’s the only reason for not calling this a hate crime. We all know that had it been reversed and three whites did this to a lone black, there would be no doubt of labeling it a hate crime. But according to Cultural Marxism, blacks are victims. Whites are the oppressors. How then can whites be victims of hate crimes if they are actually the oppressors?

A family member of Santucci’s – Miguel De Diago – “tracked the alleged shooter, Patterson through his Facebook account — an account now deleted. He said the page had numerous photos of Trayvon Martin, and he wondered if it’s possible the shooting was a revenge killing for the Zimmerman verdict.” Is it possible? Well, considering the fact that even well before Zimmerman was acquitted on 2nd Degree Murder charges, there are numerous instances of blacks beating up on whites reminding them that “this was for Trayvon.”

In spite of the senselessness of the Santucci killing, there are good people in this world. “Since the killing, Miguel has worked tirelessly to track down the good Samaritans who rushed to the aid of his brother-in-law as he lay bleeding on the sidewalk. He managed to track down the first three to get to David’s side, Taneshia, Sharae and Brittany. Arriving first on the scene, Sharae tried to apply pressure to the wound in order to stop the bleeding. Brittany searched through David’s phone and tried to call a family member, and Taneshia held David Santucci’s hand and led them all in prayer.”

Obviously, these three young women cared enough to stop and do what they could to help the fallen Santucci, notify family, and reach out to God for His help. These good Samaritans are to be applauded and I pray that God blesses them richly.

As for the three haters who decided that another white person should have his life taken from him, they will meet their Maker. Hopefully, before that happens, they will turn their lives around.

Three blacks and another dead white male.
Three blacks and another dead white male.

Part of the problem is that this killing took place not far from the notorious Beale Street, home to major tourist traps but also home to lots of crime. In fact, a few years ago, Memphis had the dubious honor of being #1 in crime in the US. By some reports though, Beale Street is turning into a war zone after dark. Shootings, brawls, robberies are becoming a type of norm. Police believe that their Sky Towers and extra police (including plain clothed cops) is making a difference.

The truth though may be that as long as the national media and race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, Obama, and Holder ignore what’s happening, then it will continue. It would be nice to hear some type of condemnation by President Obama against these killings. Apparently though, he only has something to say when it involves a person of color as the victim.

If Mr. Obama is really the president to all Americans, then he needs to speak out against this senseless (and very like, racial) violence. His refusal to do so tells us all we need to know about how he thinks. Jesse Jackson tweeted that the violence that ended Christopher Lane’s life is “frowned upon” by society.

Frowned upon? When Trayvon Martin was shot, Jackson and the rest did far more than simply frown. They accused, they incited, they put a bounty of George Zimmerman’s head. They essentially called for blood. When a white man is gunned down by blacks though, it’s simply “frowned upon”?

Oh, I know to some, my words will appear to be racially motivated and insensitive. Let me ask this: who speaks for white people when they are literally hunted and gunned down? No one. No one stands up, representing the white community and demands justice. If we do, we are classified as racists.

However, when Trayvon Martin was killed in what was later ruled “self-defense,” we had marches, violence, an illegal bounty posted, and words that incited. After the verdict was handed down, it continued with Eric Holder doing what he could to bring Zimmerman to “justice.”

It is very clear to me that race plays a huge part in this administration’s view of what constitutes “justice.” Trayvon Martin is killed and people demand it. They call for boycotts of Florida. They demand that “Stand Your Ground” be repealed. They are given more attention whenever they utter a word. The race card is played without end.

Yet, Christopher Lane and David Santucci (and there will be others) are killed in absolute cold blood by blacks and whites are supposed to remain calm. It’s not a hate crime. It’s a failed robbery. One kid looks white or has a white mother with respect to the Chris Lane shooting so that cancels out any racial motive.

All I can say is to good people everywhere, especially whites, watch your back. Don’t go looking for trouble but prepare for the eventuality that it may happen. Obviously, there are blacks who are determined to take our their racial hatred and rage on innocent whites.

I have an article coming up on a black man who is employed by the DHS. He’s an interesting man who is racist to the core. You may (or may not) be surprised at what he advocates and yet, he still works for the DHS. Go figure.

While certain blacks have told me that it is impossible for blacks to be racist, what they fail to understand is that hatred of a person based solely on their culture or race is racist. It doesn’t matter what happened in America years before my family arrived here with slavery. It doesn’t matter that the lies of Critical Race Theory essentially pronounce all whites guilty of racism and “white privilege” without supporting those claims with any evidence at all.

All that matters is that blacks and other persons of color (but especially blacks because of slavery) are the victims and some blacks will play that card as long and as often as they can. It ignores logic. It is simply based on raw emotion, the emotion of hatred.

Hatred is not something you can reason against. It is simply something that exists and because of it, people do terrible things. Watch your backs, folks. It’s getting worse.


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