Could Anonymous Tank Obamacare & Save America?

I admit that I am not up to snuff on all this computer stuff, but I did spend four decades in the computer systems engineering career field, so I do have some knowledge on the subject; at least a couple of presidents and a couple of kings thought so.

This monumental debacle that folks refer to as the “Obama-Care Roll Out” I do understand. encryption-expert-the-days-of-a-truly-private-email-conversations-are-long-overI have worked for just about every major defense contractor in the business during my checkered past; none of whom appear to have had anything to do with this three ring circus without a ring leader. The biggest nightmare I ever faced, in all my years as a government contractor, was trying to accomplish a project that was split between two or more contractors. When I heard that the “HealthCare.Gov” project included somewhere near FOUR DOZEN different contractors, my legs turned to rubber, and I felt an overwhelming urge to PUKE! What a nightmare!

o-OBAMACARE-PREMIUMS-facebookHow many “political favors” did We The People just pay for? And not all of that $349 Million went to American companies! Now, the DSIC (Dipstick in Charge) is spouting insane garble about a “Technology Surge.” Really? Has he finally fallen all the way through the looking glass?

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Here is the short version of a textbook case of a “Technology Surge”:

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A certain large company, known worldwide, had an elder, but reliable computer system that was about to implode. They hired a “Whizz-Bang” fellow with a PHD in computer sciences and handed him a blank check to move the existing system to a new platform within twenty four months because that would be the latest that the existing system would be able to support the mission. The “Whizz-Bang” initiated a “Technology Surge” hired seventy-two (72) Con-Sultants from the top of the “Who’s Who” in the computer business. Eighteen months into the project the “Project Manager” quit. In desperation, the “Whiz-Bang” hired a Systems Architect, who happened to be working for the Reagan administration at the time. Long story short, “The Architect” erased (del *.*) eighteen months of work by seventy two people, reorganized the staff to just eight people, expanded the scope of the project by a factor of five and brought the entire suite of systems on line in one hundred eighty three (183) days; no hits, no errors.

The DSIC’s “Technology Surge” is stupidity run amuck.

Anonymous-Mask-WallpaperSo what does this have to do with “Anonymous”? A great deal actually.

For the record, I have no idea as to whether “Anonymous” is one person or a hundred or a thousand people, but I would hope for the latter.

After four decades in the computer systems engineering business, I have a fundamental knowledge of the “hacking” business. One of my temps “walked me around the world” one evening, hopping from server to server from Silly-Con Valley going east and returning from the west. Getting “on” the servers did not appear to be all that difficult, but getting “into” a server takes skills that us mere mortals seldom have.

Apparently, “Anonymous” has those skills.

Regardless of what party someone belongs to, the fact remains that Obamacare is just plain bad legislation and needs to go away.

Folks like “Anonymous” might be inclined to “dump” all the databases, which would encourage folks to be more careful about who they share personal information with, or they could “write scripts” to register every Democrat in the country for “Golden” healthcare policies. Perhaps they could “fake” being at the local library (however one does that) and sign up all those “undocumented Democrats” for “Golden” policies with every disease known to mankind which would drive up the cost of the cheapest policies to match the national debt.

Now, I certainly am NOT suggesting that “Anonymous” or anyone else do such things, but one is still allowed to dream…isn’t one?

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