Anarchists Dox Dozens Of Cops: Posts Home Addresses, Phone Numbers Online

Dozens of federal law enforcement officers in Portland have had their personal information posted online by individuals who have also encouraged protesters to go to those officers’ residences.


To barricade officers inside. But here’s the latest. Rioters are now going after officers and their families in their homes. Let’s welcome retired I.c.e. Acting director. It’s great to have you back on, sir. They put out on the Internet the personal home addresses and phone numbers of 38 police officers in Portland, also officers in Kentucky, Washington, D.C., Georgia, New York, Massachusetts, and they’re telling extremists to go to these homes. That could put their families at risk. What’s your reaction?

Yeah, this is terrible. This shouldn’t happen in modern-day America. The people who protect the cities, the srt people that are in Portland for CBP, they’re patriots. They took an oath to protect this country, and you can see what happens when a modern police department like Portland walks away from their responsibility to protect the citizens and that courthouse x. So cbp has been asked to go back in and help the federal protective service to line this thing out and protect that courthouse. Just imagine if they weren’t there, it would be in rubble right now x. Families of law enforcement officers already make enough sacrifice with the dangers that their spouses engage in at work, and now they make their lives difficult by putting information about their homes and their children on the Internet. Just should not be. Elizabeth: okay. Let’s watch Mark Morgan. He’s the acting commissioner of customs and border protection. He was with us last night. Let’s take a listen.

I’ve authorized them to remove their names because the same criminals who are trying to injure them, they’re actually trying to get people to go to their homes. That’s disgusting. While these agents are deployed Portland, their families back home, they’re not with them, they’re actually being dossed and having — encouraging people to go to their homes. That’s outrageous. We should all be united. That is wrong. Elizabeth: okay. So the officers’ names are covered up for a reason. Because they’re getting exposed on the Internet. Their families are put at risk. I mean, instead of complaining, hey, there’s no identifying marks for them, they’re just showing badge numbers, but this is about protecting them, right?

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Yeah. They shouldn’t have to face the risks with their families being targeted at home. So covering up their identity, letting each other know who it is but not letting the public see it in this time, it just proves the narrative this isn’t a peaceful protest. These people want to destroy things, and they’re making a good effort. And if CBP wasn’t there, it’d be much worse than it is. Elizabeth: you know, it’s unfortunate that Politics has gotten into this, but the democrats are now being accused of silence over — and a lack of outrage over that and the hundreds of rioters who targeted the home of Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot last night saying, you know, resign, cops should be defunded. The mayor of Oakland, California, her home was targeted with vandalism and gras fit few, and now the DoJ Inspector General is launching an investigation into federal agents and the use of force in Portland?

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Yeah. If these cities would take control of the crime problems that they have, if this demonstration was put down earlier, if the Portland police engaged like they should in a modern city, we wouldn’t have these kinds of problems. It’s just that people believe they can get away with stuff like this. They’re going to continue to do it. Elizabeth: okay. Rioters who are arrested also in Beverly Hills, California, last night, rioters in Seattle last night again. They broke windows, they looted, they damaged businesses. Your take on how that violence comes after a federal judge ruled that he will stop police from using tear gas to stop mob violence, it came just days after a dozen cops were injured in Seattle with mortar-style fire tossed at them at close range. Show the image, gang — talking to my gang in the booth — there was also a man who went on a spree, mayhem in Portland. He had a hand saw and attacked women in a laundromat, and protesters reportedly intervened. Your take on that.

Now is not the time to take capabilities or tools that the police have to protect themselves and to protect their communities. So defunding and removing the tools that they need to control a situation is a terrible idea, and the consequences are going to be long-lasting in places when these cities are destroyed and businesses can’t open

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