America’s “Terrible Resolve” is Necessary for Its Survival in the Future

On December 7, 1941, the day that would live in infamy, Japan bombed American military Bases at Pearl Harbor and came dangerously close to making the United States a non-factor in WWII. Upon realizing that Japan had not achieved its primary military objective to destroy the American fleet at Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto, the architect of Japan’s deadly Pearl Harbor attack, said “I had intended to deal a fatal blow to the American fleet by attacking Pearl Harbor. I now fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant, and fill him with a terrible resolve.” The final outcome of WWII proved Admiral Yamamoto to be very prophetic indeed!

Do the American people still possess that same “terrible resolve” that transformed almost certain defeat into resounding victory during WWII? There are many today who believe we have allowed those who have never understood what it means to be an American to impose their satanic curse upon this once great nation. If this is true, it may be impossible to return America to anything even remotely resembling what it once was. The question we must now ask ourselves, “Is it even possible for America to recover from the evil clutches that has overtaken us?”

In order for this nation to survive into the future, there are at least three specific steps which must be taken, and quickly! The first step is to stop worrying about “offending” those who are totally immune to being “offended” by anything! Although some of those claiming to be “offended” have lived here all their lives, many came to this country under the pretense of wanting a better life, yet they claim to be offended by those same customs and traditions that distinguished America from those failed countries they came from. America was built through the efforts and upon the shoulders of those who refused to accept failure and dependency as a way of life. America made it possible for anyone with ambition to achieve some degree of success, but the success these intrusive invaders have in mind is far more sinister! They want to re-make America into something resembling those miserable third world countries they came from, but if they prefer poverty over opportunity, religious persecution over religious freedom, and slavery over liberty, they are not welcome here!

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The second step is for America to stop electing people to public office who are more interested in a political career than they are in fighting for those things which made America great! In order to do this, we must first understand the difference between a true statesman and a career politician. A statesman makes decisions based upon what is best for America and her people. A career politician makes decisions based upon what impact they will have upon their political career. Voting for or against any bill when its outcome is not dependent upon your vote is not necessarily a “tough or courageous” decision. However, voting for or against a bill when its outcome is dependent upon your vote, and knowing full well that your vote may go totally against popular sentiment, definitely is a “tough and courageous” decision! The thought process for making this kind of decision is very different for a true statesman than it is for a career politician, and therein lies the problem!

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The third step exposes a very serious flaw in the mindset of the American people today. It seems that we have lost our “terrible resolve,” as Admiral Yamamoto described it, to do whatever is necessary to secure the very future existence of this nation! The most blatant example of such lack of resolve was painfully evident with the election of Barack Obama in 2008, but after witnessing firsthand the damage this criminal had done to this nation, it was even more obvious with his re-election in 2012. A condemning indictment of this lack of resolve is that there are still people living in this country today who call themselves Americans, yet they actually voted, not once, but twice, for this heinous criminal.

Almighty God sometimes allowed evil and wicked rulers to overcome and enslave the Jewish people of biblical times after they had forsaken their one true God for manmade idols and sinful lifestyles. It has become very apparent that a much-blessed American nation has also fallen under such judgment as did the nation of Israel when it denied the one true God that had blessed it so abundantly. America has fallen prey to an Islamic tyrant ruling over its people. The question we must now ask ourselves is, “Do the American people still possess the fortitude necessary to make those “tough and courageous” decisions which once defined this nation?” The very future of America depends upon it!

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