America's Problem & Solution - in 60 Seconds

Today’s Obamacare debacle is finally the bridge too far. Millions of Americans reel in disbelief as we seem to become another Russia, citizens doing little beyond posting rants online. How is this going to end?

Communism is not new to America; in this blog article we explain that Abe Lincoln was a proud follower of Karl Marx. If you were unaware of this vital American history, that is part of the problem. Bolster your education with the world’s fastest civics lesson. Take 60 seconds to recognize America’s core problem and see the solution. If you find it useful, PLEASE 'LIKE' AND SHARE:

1) The U.S. Constitution stipulates that it is “the supreme Law of the Land”; there is no higher law in our republic.

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2) We The People are not ‘grassroots’ worms underfoot. We are the highest sovereigns – over the Constitution, not subject to it. The sovereign States are below us and our federal servant is at the bottom.

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3) As the only sovereigns over the supreme law, only We The People can enforce it.

4) We authorize our servant to perform only 17 services, enumerated in Article I, Section 8. By law, Washington D.C. has no other authority in our lives.

5) America’s cartels captured federal government 150 years ago; most federal activity today violates the Constitution -- is illegal.

Our highest law has never been enforced, but can Americans stop the cartels? Read this article series to find out.

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