America’s Open Marriage With Jesus

Who killed marriage in America?

Who led it by the hand to its death bed?

Who decided that true devotion and complete fidelity wasn’t really an essential, and inspired others to take the same approach?

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Tune in to “conservative” talk radio, sit in on a prayer group, or visit a “Bible-believing” church in America these days and you’ll probably have no trouble finding many openly bemoaning the sad state of marriage and complaining about this group or that President for what they’ve done to destroy marriage.

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But who really kicked off this horror show?

Who really spearheaded the movement away from fidelity and toward self-serving, self-centered “open mindedness” and infidelity to the Author and Sustainer of marriage?

Who really blazed the trail in wandering away from the sacred family- and culture-sustaining beauty of marriage as defined and sustained by Jesus?

Could it be those who call themselves Christians while simultaneously defending things like the All American “virtue” of State-Supervised Polytheism?

Put another way, could the “open marriage” that American Christians have imagined to be possible with King Jesus have actually served as the model and basis for every other assault on marriage?

Could the collapse of professing Christians on the central issues of exclusivity and comprehensive lordship where Christ is concerned have led us to the pathetic, ruined, and profoundly confused state in which we find ourselves?

You betcha.

Somewhere along the line way back in the day, “We the People” decided that God’s crystal clear Word on matters of fidelity and obedience to Him in detail and in practice were optional. We decided that His Word need not be our way in legal, economic, educational or political practice.

We imagined ourselves not to be bound to His Word, which is another way of saying that we imagined ourselves not to be bound to Him…all while claiming to be somehow seriously attached to Him through our (hollow) words, songs, and church services.

We wanted – and continue to desire – Jesus as our Savior, and even as the frequent object of gushing lip service aimed at preserving the illusion of fidelity to Him, but we have no intention of actually being true to Him in practice on His terms as lovingly conveyed in detail through His Word.

Oh no, We the People can’t have that!

Instead, we prefer an open marriage in practice, even if we’re far too cowardly and corrupt to admit it out loud (yet).

We don’t want to be bound to Him completely.

We want to keep our options open.

We want to play the field.

We want to be “free” to choose who will be our lord and lover in practice in the realms of economics, law, government, art, and politics.

We want to claim Jesus and promote the illusion of our commitment to Him when, in reality, we actually despise even the thought of submitting to him in detail.

It’s a lot like wearing a ring and calling ourselves married while just redefining marriage to mean what we want it to mean rather than conforming to the concept as defined by God in His perfect Word.

We don’t want Christ as our Husband in economics.

We don’t want Christ as our Husband in law.

We don’t want Christ as our Husband in politics, art, and business.

We want others instead.

Many others.

We want to whore around.

We want an open marriage.

But Jesus – the real One – doesn’t do open marriages.

He destroys them.

Keep that in mind the next time you hear someone whine and complain about the state of marriage and family in America.

Keep that in mind the next time someone wonders what we can do to save family, marriage and civilization.

By what standard will we define marriage, economics, law, education, art or anything else?

Our answer to that question reveals the true nature of many things, including our relationship with Christ and our destiny as a people in a universe bound by His perfect Word…whether we like it that way or not.

Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

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