If Americans desire Insurrection, Military Coup is not a Constitutional Option

There is no disputing America’s need for regime change in Washington. For over 100 years, two political parties have cast aside the US Constitution and systematically destroyed the hallmark American concept of representative government. For those among us dreaming of military solutions for an out of control despotic Federal government, you are forewarned, it will be bloody and constitutionally cataclysmic.

Freshly impregnated into the minds of frustrated patriots is the notion of military intervention in the affairs of our Executive, Legislative and Judicial Branches of government. Americans—many whom would never consider raising a pitchfork much less an assault rifle—now look to our military and these keepers of a solemn oath as a means to restoring that which we the people have surrendered to Washington D.C. and corporate benefit long ago.

us-haiti_1561411cSwearing an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic” should not be interpreted as a lifelong commitment to saving Americans from their apathy. Our active duty military proudly shoulders the burden of protecting the overthrow of our government. To suggest that this oath demands attack against a corrupt government while the citizenry ignore their obligations to civil disobedience, is cowardly and illegal.

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Before Americans insist on a misguided military coup, they might want to study the following:

  • The US Constitution Article 1, Section 8
  • The Uniform Code of Military Justice.
  • The Insurrection Act of 1807 10 U.S.C 331 & 10 U.S.C. 335
  • The Posse Comitatus Act 18 U.S.C. 1385
  • The National Defense Authorization Act of 2011
  • U.S. Martial Law
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A recent poll by World Net Daily has suggested that 79% percent of Americans polled (of 822) support military intervention to remove President Obama from office.

Born of frustration, a military coup to force an un-indicted, un-prosecuted and un-convicted elected federal official may be a newly celebrated idea, but it is clear, it is un-constitutional. To suggest that active duty and retired military bear this sole responsibility suggests American civilian ignorance and selfish interests are a greater plague than many intimate.

The population of the United States is estimated at over 320 million. Some estimates suggest civilian guns in America exist at a ratio of over two per American. The active duty military population (spread all over the globe) is 1.4 million with the reservist and National Guard totaling an additional 700,000.

A land of 320 million citizens and we cannot manage to muster enough civil disobedience to hint at insurrection, yet some are calling for those that swore an oath to risk their freedom, life and liberty to once again protect the Constitution. It is shameless. This nation has ignored its obligations to our military (active duty and retired) for decades, fails to vote in national elections with any consistency, sucks irresponsibly at the government tit for a myriad of self-righteous tax breaks, entitlements and pork barrel spending, now asks to trade one version of tyranny to illegally co-opt another.

What are we thinking?

It is my very real fear that Americans no longer possess the ability to recognize our responsibility for the government we created and the solemn obligation we all have as citizens to protest the pirating of our nation using mass civil disobedience.

We apathetically allowed globalization. We avoided confronting the sinister motives and actions of the global business elites purchasing our elections. We have adopted an unhealthy appetite for cheap goods and services made in other countries. We have surrendered our liberties and freedoms for the twenty first century American dream. We own every penny of our short term and long-term liabilities and have become slaves to a glutens’ consumption. We vote for politicians owned by industry, special interests and we worship devotedly their media puppets.

You want war with your government America. You are already at war, America. It has been waging for a century. You were too busy basking in momentary good fortune and dreams of success to smell its odor.

I support patriotic efforts to regain control of our nation. I applaud the honorable suggestions of Retired Army General Paul E. Vallely and Retired Air Force Brig. General Charles Jones, however, active duty US military intervention is illegal and will establish an irreparable precedent in our history and our governance.

Americans must come to terms with their obligation to risk everything to remove global corporate and special interest influence and those who thrive on it from our government. We must refuse to feed at the meager troughs provided by governments promised confiscation schemes. We must protect our older generations duped by Washington’s promises who fear rightly the new progressive American morality. Moreover, we must protect the lives and freedoms of those too young to contemplate the consequences of our cowardly inaction.

Retaking our government is the people’s responsibility, not the governments. America is one generation away from enslavement. Who will protect us then?

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