Any college graduate can attest to the idea that writing research papers is an exercise in regurgitating opinions. When given an assignment, it is expected that the student will provide citations and reference materials that already support the idea behind the assignment. In other words, students are simply repeating what already has been said by someone else doing the research. College libraries are often stacked with scientific journals that professors recommend to students in order to find verifiable information that is worthy of citing in a research paper. Many students probably feel that what they are reading seems to be biased opinion at best, but mostly a bunch of big fancy words arranged in way to make it appear as a structured sentence. That's because that is exactly what it is.

From Fox News:

Some 120 papers published in established scientific journals over the last few years have been found to be frauds, created by nothing more than an automated word generator that puts random, fancy-sounding words together in plausible sentence structures. As a result they have been pulled from the journals that originally published them.

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While this Fox News article references only those fraudulent journals found in the fields of computer science and math, it is extremely likely, if not an absolute certainty, that it is occurring in the social sciences as well.

This author was personally taught in social work education that students were not expected to be able to give a thoughtful analysis on any subject, and quotes from prominent researchers were likely to strengthen their papers. This is problematic in the sense that the vast majority of these journals revolved around the idea of proving American culture to be racist, sexist and economically unfair. In fact, one professor went so far as to say, in a class focused on social research, that it wasn't unethical to lie about results that didn't support assumptions about racism. The reason given was that the populations being studied (you and I) don't know enough about racism to be able to realize the extent racial attitudes are affecting society. Another told this particular scribe that citing the Heritage Foundation on a paper was unacceptable because The Heritage Foundation is biased.

Is it any wonder we have a society that seems, for all practical purposes, to be unable to exercise logic? Our education system has become nothing more than a protector of liberal opinion. By limiting the intellectual input students can add to their own research, our Universities are ensuring that they are regurgitating opinions and research that support the worldview of the college. Whether that world view would be liberal or conservative, it is wrong.

While there is a certain amount of academic value in citing opinion and results that have already been validated, denying a student the right to exercise their own logic and form an educated opinion does little but trap them into one way of thinking. This has been described by this author as being "trapped in the leftist box" in past articles. Liberals are supposed to open minded and claim to intellectually superior, but they fail to see when their policies don't work. As a result of this opinionated education system, we have new policy makers that are trapped into this leftist way of thinking, believing that only solutions that have been discussed by liberal, and often times socialist researchers are all that is available to them. This keeps society spinning round and round trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, and it's all because the real bias in education lies in the fact that conservative, patriotic opinions are silenced and humiliated in the class room.

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