American Postal Workers Union Scared Republicans Will Take Away Benefits

Yes, Government Unions, such as and proven with documentation, the American Postal Workers Union, show the most extreme bias with false and misled terms and writings. The American Postal Workers Union has been a leading Government Union and has a vast number of members, holding perhaps the largest union membership of all. But this union is so very biased towards the Democratic Party and their sometimes socialistic ideas that it becomes scary. The Northeast Massachusetts Area Local is sending out what appears to be some of the most biased and wrong information ever seen. If this local union is doing this, then we can rest assured that the National union approves it and is in line with their statements, some of which is blatantly lies.

How can we make such a statement? Putting it simply, we have the letter that was sent out where the Union of that local states. As Chairman, Issa has succeeded in blocking any bi-partisan legislation that would provide relief to the USPS from the burden imposed by Republican legislation adopted in 2006—the Postal Accountability and Enhancement Act of 2006 that required the USPS to pre-fund retiree health benefits for a period of 75 years into the future (which would include prospective new employees that have not even been born yet). This is a requirement imposed upon no other government agency and no private industry, yet the USPS has been forced to pay billions.

Here, we see the idea that the Union does not wish to ensure that the health care package for retirees be protected. We also see that this union–the very union that makes it nearly impossible to fire any union member–seems to believe that if it were not for that one item, the United States Postal Service (USPS) would be solvent. Here, we would argue that if it were not for the union. The USPS would probably be making a profit now and would not have to ask Congress every year for funds to run with. The USPS is supposed to be able to run on its own without any funds from the US Treasury. Yet, they call upon the Treasury to help nearly every year—not due to this act, as so claimed by the APWU, but due to the constant in accountability of managers and employees that run these costs up. As an example, one individual in New Orleans was given a check for $1500 to use for his training in Oklahoma—he took the check but did not go to training. When this individual returned to work, he was issued a notice of intent to fire him and sent home. The union went to bat for him, getting him the job back, even after he took $1500 and used it for other expenses than those it was intended for.

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This UNION letter goes on to state:

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“We understand that our membership is made of Democrats, Independents, and even some Republicans. There are many serious issues facing this country and have been the subject of campaigns around the country. From the economy, to the threats of Isis, the handling of Ebola, and the rising costs of health care and electricity, and immigration reform, these are issues that affect every American Citizen. However, as Postal workers the number one threat is the prospect of no longer having a decent paying job and benefits. The possible end to collective bargaining and elimination of our Union’s hard earned wages and benefits is not out of reach from Darryl Issa should the Republican majority in the House be matched with a Republican majority in the Senate. Regardless of which political party you affiliate with, this is not a false alarm.”

Yes, here the Union is laying claim that if the Republicans win the Senate, they will take all their benefits away, as well as their high-paying jobs with high-paying benefits. We should open our eyes here because this is a Union that is supposed to work for the government and not one that seems to be running political influence. But this is just part of this letter, and it only gets worse. They actually had a vote to endorse Jeane Shaheen for her run as Senator, and this makes their statement seem out of place when they laid claim to “rising costs to electricity,” especially since Jeane Shaheen voted for a Bill that would have made not just electricity, but also the cost of housing, higher when she introduced the following legislature. (See Below)

Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2014 (S. 2262; 113th Congress)”>Energy Savings and Industrial Competitiveness Act of 2014 (S. 2262; 113th Congress) is a bill that is intended to improve efficient energy use in the United States.

Davenport, Coral (12 May 2014). “Amid Pipeline and Climate Debate, Energy-Efficiency Bill is Derailed”
The New York Times. Retrieved May 13, 2014.

We have to wonder where the Union here comes from in its idea that the Republicans are making costs go up when, ever since Obama and the Democrats took over, the costs of electricity, gasoline, food, housing, and a slew of other items have risen under their watch, while if the Republicans win, they will allow the Keystone Pipeline and other energy projects that Obama and the Democrats have either stopped or held any votes at all on.

Both of the letters sent out by this local are below and represent the ideology of most of the Postal Employees according to the very Union itself. It would seem the Union only seeks to maintain what it has and keep doing what it has for the last few years: allowing so many managers to run their operations in almost complete disarray and allowing their Union members to be controlled by the Union’s ideas and not by what is really best for the people. The American Postal Workers Union is one of the largest Unions in the United States, and if we looked at all the manufacturing plants that have closed in the last 40 years, we would find that the number one reason for the closures was the cost of the Unions. Unions are good, and they have helped the people, but they should not be any part of the Government, since they keep the Government from outright firing those emeployees whom, in a private business, would not only have been fired but, in some cases, would have done jail time. We have shown this today to illustrate just what this one Union is doing to promote the very people that have hurt them, and they are so blind, they cannot see that.



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