Is America on the Verge of Becoming Humpty Dumpty?

“Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men, couldn’t put Humpty together again.”

This simple Mother Goose nursery rhyme that most all children have heard has a particularly unique meaning these days as Americans are witnessing the destruction of America.

The United States can be compared to Humpty Dumpty sitting on the wall; the wall is its foundation of freedom. Since our founding, outside nations and forces, seething with jealousy, hate and envy, have sought to either regain control of this nation, conquer this nation or to destroy this nation along with its people. The American people, along with a Constitutional government, stood strong against these attacks, beating back those forces who sought our demise.

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humpty dumptyIt became obvious to the world, America would not fall when faced with outside opposition. Nations around the world realized the only way to topple America would be from within. For over one hundred years now, America has been infiltrated with ideologies incompatible with our founding through supporters of communist/socialist orders and those who seek to destroy the religions of Christianity and Judaism. Progressive liberalism also gained a foothold. The conflicting ideologies that gained a foothold are now growing at such an exponential rate that our country is but a shell of its former self.

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Americans who once stood proud of their country have descended into apathy, bought into the multiculturalism farce, sold their freedom for government control and turned away from God after buying a bill of goods sold by outsiders. Our system of free enterprise, capitalism and the belief that everyone has a chance to be successful if they are willing to work slapped dictatorial governments and monarchies in the face. America showed the rest of the world that the amount of success a man attains is directly proportional to the amount of work he is willing to dedicate to his success. Less government intrusion and self-government allowed for the unprecedented successes among Americans. The problem America caused in the world was showing other nations’ citizens that respect and maintenance of individual God-given rights is the hallmark of a truly free country. America demonstrated a free country is possible if the courage to fight for that freedom exists in every man, woman and child. This was the danger America posed to the world’s rulers; people can successfully self-rule, uphold individual God-given rights and gain prosperity.

All of this success was to be short-lived and our journey to the edge of the wall began. At what point America began her journey from freedom into tyranny has been debated; but now, it matters not at what point it began since we are fast approaching the edge with what seems no counteractive force to stop it. Many have dubbed our system of government an “experiment.” At the time it was created, that was true; however, our “experiment” has been successful until we as a people failed in our endeavor of self-government. Our willingness to allow the outside world to declare our way of life as problematic, to declare that America had a responsibility to the rest of the world, and to shove guilt upon our nation for the courage of our founders who upheld the truth that God endowed man with unalienable rights no government has the right to take made America ripe for the inner insurrection.

The American dream was “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,” freedom from religious persecution and the equality of every man under the rule of law.

It was not the American dream to do whatever was wanted in defiance of God’s laws, to move towards tyranny or to take on the responsibility for others through government programs either at home or abroad. This is where we are today, sitting on the precipice of our wall, teetering on the brink of falling.

Today, we have witnessed rampant voter fraud and election tampering reported by various sources. The government has manipulated statistics related to unemployment and the economy to deceive the American public in supporting continued government lawlessness. Reports surface across the country of police violating the Fourth and Fifth Amendments of the Constitution resulting in our loss of control over our own bodies. The American people have lost the control over the education of their children in favor of the government indoctrination of children through Common Core. Agencies, consisting of US citizens and probably some of our neighbors, have instituted a 100 mile “Constitution-free zone” along all our borders. Our government is now deciding what goods we should purchase in the form of health insurance and like a cattle herder, closing off all other avenues in order to get us corralled. Americans have witnessed “free speech zones” being established at assemblies. We have witnessed the closing of our open-air memorials in retaliation to limits attempting to be placed on a lawless administration. A less than subtle war has been declared against Christians and Jews, in our own country. States’ rights have all but disappeared as the states are becoming complicit in relinquishing their authority to tyranny. The erosion of the First Amendment was observed when federal thugs were sent to a town in Tennessee to inform residents there any unflattering speech against Islam would be prosecutable. We have been witness to the invasion of America through our Southern borders with no protection from the federal government charged with our defense. The examples could continue.

America is not perfect, not by a long shot. Even during our best of times, America has seen millions of Americans experience homelessness, hunger, and despair. But, has government’s answer of more hand-outs and bigger government regulating everything we do solved any of these problems? More Americans, including children, are homeless and hungry today than ever before. Instead of getting out of the way of economic growth, our government inhibits it. In the past, Americans have been able to correct untold corruption and greed occurring in our politicians and government through the voting process. Now, with elections being compromised, that avenue has been taken from the citizenry.

While it’s convenient to place the blame on government, one has to look around at who the government truly is. Our founders established a representative form of government, a republic of sovereign states, united to establish governing “of the people, by the people, and for the people.” When America’s government fails, it is because the people have failed. The government is our creature; its successes and failures are planted squarely on us. When God-given rights are eroded, it is because the people allow it and are complicit to it.

As in the nursery rhyme, once Humpty Dumpty fell, there was nothing anyone could do to repair him – being an egg, that is understandable. Still, it’s the same with America. If America falls, and it will, unless courage is forthcoming among our people, there will be no putting another free self-governed nation, like the United States, back on the world map for some time, if ever.

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