America It’s Time To Remind Politicians We Are Their Keepers; Not The Other Way Around

Today it was reported that democrats in congress are beginning to show concerns their healthcare premiums may skyrocket with the implementation of Obamacare. These corrupt politicians that were voted in office by some severely misguided people are actually threatening to quit congress if their health care premiums go up. In other words what they are saying is that they are afraid of the costs of the so called Affordable Health Care Act. These people make upwards of $170,000 a year and they are complaining that they may not be able to afford Obamacare? What does that suggest for you and me? What is it going to take to get the average useful idiot to look at this and see it for what it is? Seeing as though President Obama’s approval rating is still a whopping 45% amidst all these scandals it may take quite a bit. These people have a lot of nerve and are anything but honorable. Congress read my lips. If you fail to follow the laws of the land (THE CONSTITUTION,) remember that I am under no obligation to follow unconstitutional laws.

In the America I thought I lived in it was once believed that something as heinous as this would be enough to spark a justifiable outrage that would reverberate through the halls of congress reminding these people who they work for. Not today, not only are a vast amount of people just completely oblivious to what is going on or what the truth is, the politicians themselves just plain do not care about what we think as their only motivation is money, power and prestige. It’s funny because as a social work student I was constantly reminded that it was capitalism and conservatives that took advantage of poor and under privileged people, and we should look to the government to make everything fair. It seems to me when you have a government that has an insatiable appetite for the tax payer’s money and makes no effort to govern to the will of the people they are the ones taking advantage.

Also in today’s headlines is the shocking revelation that while you and I and every other Dick and Jane across the country were being spied on for our own good, the terrorists we were supposedly being protected from were not. That’s right; Mosques across the country were exempted from the NSA’s national “treat Americans like the terrorists spy program.” When coupled with the federal attorney who tried to convince Americans that criticizing Islam could be a federal crime a real comforting image begins to emerge. As we speak right now our Senate is planning on passing the amnesty bill without securing the borders first. Over the past couple of months there have been four Muslim terrorist attacks and an entire Christian village was slaughtered by Muslims, yet we are the ones the government wants to watch? Here is another document that you need to read America, its several years old but it seems that even though it was originally retracted because of the controversy it is still guiding policy on how to treat conservatives, or people who just love their country. Read it real good America because this what Department of Homeland Security Police are being taught to believe. Don’t blame me I am only showing it to you, I didn’t write it. This is a subject that really gets my goat because they keep pushing this idea that Americans are intolerant and racist, yet there is a Mosque less than a mile from my home and they are left alone to worship in peace because we as Americans believe in their right to religious liberty as we believe in ours. It’s just a shame their religion is what it is.

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Finally in true Bill Clinton wag the dog fashion, today is the day that Syrian forces under the command of Bashar al-Assad reportedly crossed President Obama’s red line and used chemical weapons against his people. Is anyone shocked by this? I’m surprised it took this long. Of course liberals were furious when Bush went to war with Iraq and Afghanistan but I hear about the same amount of noise coming from them as they made when the gas prices soared to their highest levels ever, under Obama. When they went up under Bush it was his fault because of his association with oil companies, when they went up under Obama he was trying to solve the problem. Never mind all of the wasted millions in tax payer dollars subsidizing sham green energy companies, he was trying to clean the environment you see. As far as Syria is concerned I have written in the past about the Project New American Century which laid out the war plans for not only Iraq and Afghanistan but Libya and Syria as well. The end goal is the total encirclement of Iran. This gives further credibility to the fact that American presidents are merely puppets being controlled by a master that does not have our interest at heart. Obama simply picked up where Bush left off. If Americans could look for truth and stop fighting over the democrat republican illusion we would see this.

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America it is due time that elected politicians once again realize that we are their keepers and not the other way around. They have reached a point of absolute despotism and simply do not care about the voice of the people. It’s time we remind them that they derive their governing authority from us and laws that do not abide by the constitution put the people under no mandate to abide by said laws. This has been decided by the Supreme Court of the United States people. The only way we can stop this is to educate ourselves and understand what the constitution set out to do. Create a system of government where we give authority to a system designed to be kept in check by not only three separate but equal branches but by us, the people.

May God Bless America

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