To communists, socialists, and virtually everyone on the hard left, the United States is and has been an imperialist nation.

Evidently, it's not necessarily our fault. It is the system of capitalism we developed long ago, and now, no matter how hard the left tries, we're stuck with the moniker of capitalist nation.

Michael Parenti writes, regarding capitalist imperialism, in his book Against Empire, that "Almost 150 years ago, Marx and Engels described a bourgeoisie [that's us, the evil oppressors] that 'chases over the whole surface of the globe. It must nestle everywhere, settle everywhere, establish connections everywhere… It creates a world after its own image.'"

He continues: "The expansionists destroy whole societies. Self-sufficient peoples are forcibly transformed into disenfranchised wage workers. Indigenous communities and folk cultures are replaced by mass-market, mass media, consumer societies. Cooperative lands are supplanted by agribusiness factory farms, villages by desolate shantytowns, autonomous regions by centralized autocracies."

Gee, sounds like communism—but then, I'm not a scholar like Mr. Parenti.

Then there are other kinds imperialists, the "Emperors and conquistadors were interested mostly in plunder and tribute, gold and glory."

Okay wait - are we Capitalist Imperialists or Empirical Imperialists? It turns out that, depending on the situation or the left's agenda du jour, we can be one or the other or both.

Most of the time, we are the capitalist kind, but occasionally we act as an Empire, seeking plunder and tribute. An example of this was the left's cries over the Iraq war--Bush and Cheney's war--for oil. We attacked Iraq only to get their oil. Of course, one could say that we are then the most incompetent empire, being that we didn't take any oil.

There is, however, a third type of imperialism - cultural imperialism, or cultural hegemony. Cultural hegemony refers to the power of a dominant culture to overshadow and even overtake local cultures.

Naturally, we Americans have also been accused of this by the hard left, of which some have coined as America's "McDonaldization" of the globe. This refers to the expansion of America's fast food giant's global expansion.

But over the past few decades, the tide has turned on the United States, albeit by our own hand.

I'm talking about Hispanic cultural hegemony. There are no less than 31 states in the Union which have at least one majority Hispanic city or town. Most of those 31 have many. For example, Colorado, not a border state, has at least 40 cities and towns with at least 50% Hispanic population. Arizona has almost 60 and California, you may have guessed, has literally hundreds. East Los Angeles is over 97% Hispanic.

Ann Coulter said, "It used to be that immigrants had respect enough for the United States to assimilate into American culture. But now illegal immigrants have no respect at all. First they invade our nation and then thrust their home countries culture on us."

And she's right. There are towns littered all across our country in which, if you don't speak Spanish, you literally cannot function. If that's not cultural hegemony, what is?

And the same can be said of Islamic cultural hegemony. Dearborn, Michigan, called Dearbornistan by some (me included), is well over 40% Arab, and, as of 2013, the Dearborn city Council became majority Arab.

The left loves to condemn America as an imperialist nation, accusing us of thrusting our American democracy, values, and culture on other countries. Yet, they are oddly silent, or worse, cheerleaders of the Hispanic and Muslim cultural imperialism being thrust upon us.

I contend that, despite the left's constant whining, America has never been Imperialist, or hegemonic, yet, these days, we certainly are its victims.

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