America Could Learn Something From Ugandan President

Could America, it’s leaders and its citizens, learn something from Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni? I think they most certainly could. As Uganda celebrated it’s 50th anniversary of independence from Britain, the nation held a National Jubilee Prayers event at which the President confessed and repented of personal sin and the sins of the nation.

“I stand here today to close the evil past, and especially in the last 50 years of our national leadership history and at the threshold of a new dispensation in the life of this nation. I stand here on my own behalf and on behalf of my predecessors to repent. We ask for your forgiveness,” Museveni prayed.

“We confess these sins, which have greatly hampered our national cohesion and delayed our political, social and economic transformation. We confess sins of idolatry and witchcraft which are rampant in our land. We confess sins of shedding innocent blood, sins of political hypocrisy, dishonesty, intrigue and betrayal,” Museveni said.

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“Forgive us of sins of pride, tribalism and sectarianism; sins of laziness, indifference and irresponsibility; sins of corruption and bribery that have eroded our national resources; sins of sexual immorality, drunkenness and debauchery; sins of unforgiveness, bitterness, hatred and revenge; sins of injustice, oppression and exploitation; sins of rebellion, insubordination, strife and conflict,” Museveni prayed.

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After the list of sins was confessed, Museveni dedicated Uganda to the Triune God of Scripture.

“We want to dedicate this nation to you so that you will be our God and guide. We want Uganda to be known as a nation that fears God and as a nation whose foundations are firmly rooted in righteousness and justice to fulfill what the Bible says in Psalm 33:12: Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord. A people you have chosen as your own,” Museveni prayed.

The country had also begun to pass laws against homosexual behavior. According to the Drudge Report, “A current bill before the Ugandan Parliament increases the jail sentences for homosexual acts and includes criminal penalties for those who encourage or promote homosexuality.

The bill had included the death penalty for those who commit multiple acts of homosexual behavior, but the provision has been removed, BBC News reports.”

Dave Daubenmire, president and founder of PT Salt Ministries and social commentator, said that while Museveni is being held up as a model for Christian political leaders, the problem in the West is much deeper than the political leaders.

“Sadly, I think our lack of repentance is the fault of the pulpit. Individual Christians are so awash in sin that they think politicians are merely better at sin than they are,” Daubenmire said.

“There is no fear of the Lord and we are getting essentially a two-kingdom message. We hear that the devil is the god of this world and that Jesus will even the score later,” Daubenmire said. “The problem is that most Christians are convinced that this world is in control of Satan and therefore are not interested in applying the kingdom principles for which Christ died.”

Daubenmire quoted Matthew 28:18, in which Jesus said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. We are to teach them and baptize them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.” Daubenmire said, “All power in heaven and in earth belongs to Jesus. Unfortunately, most Christians don’t have the foggiest idea that He rules and reigns here and now, and that the kingdom principles that He taught us bring victory over evil wherever they are applied.”

I agree with Mr. Daubenmire, the churches in our land have failed to hate sin. They have failed to preach repentance from sin and faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, they have watered down the command of the gospel and turned it into a “repeat after me” prayer and “asking Jesus into your heart.” There is no cultivation to honor God with holy living or develop a hatred of sin in our own lives. If you are wondering, yes, all of this has incredible poltical ramifications. This is why we see a holocaust of the unborn, militant homosexuals in the streets, politicians robbing us blind and encroaching on individual liberties. But it’s also why many citizens are only too happy to go along as slaves, not only of the government, but of sin. It’s why preachers are scared to speak what the Scriptures declare all too clearly.

Daubenmire quoted the 17th century British statesman Edmund Burke who said, “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

Daubenmire said that in America, “good men have yielded power to evil men” and “evil rules when evil men make the rules.”

This is nothing more than what Scripture teaches. Proverbs 29:2 declares:

When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.

For far too long the righteous have not been in authority in America. It is time we ask God to bless us… with repentance.

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