It’s Amazing People in America that Make the Difference

A friend of mine once told me that the thing he loved the most about being involved in the conservative movement was the fact that he was able to meet amazing people all over the U.S. He isn’t even from this country, and he shows more love and has more of a drive to educate the “unwashed” than most people do. Because of that I would have to agree with him, there are amazing people involved in trying to restore America’s freedom. I know, because I have met my fair share of amazing people as well, and I would like to dedicate this article to them.

The-Tea-Party-008For nearly a year, I have been writing stories about my college experience and giving you my two cents on the communist transformation that we have had to “endure” for a lack of a better word. I sat in the college classroom in Oklahoma of all places, supposedly the most conservative place in the union and knew I was witnessing indoctrination into an ideology rather than a fair and honest education. I really drove my professor’s nuts, one day after being lectured to about Saul Alinsky and the necessity of his radical tactics to achieve “social justice,” I took a copy of Rules for Radicals and threw it on my professor’s desk and asked him if he had even read the stupid book. This is when I was told that I wasn’t supposed to know about Saul Alinsky and that I should just shut up and save my questions for when I get to graduate school. The teaching of the collective was so obvious to me because I understand the constitution and liberty whereas many of my peers in class were just the proverbial sponge sucking up whatever was fed to them. As a former Marine, who understood the significance of swearing an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, there was no way I was going to sit there and let this occur without affording them the opportunity to hear the opinion of someone who loved rather than hated this nation. I knew it would spell trouble, but if not me then who?

I initially began sharing my experiences by posting comments under articles of people I admired for the content of what they were writing. It started at David Goetsch is the main editor for new authors as well as one of their main columnists. He was the kind of guy who would communicate with people and to me this was encouraging, so I kept posting my comments under the name jkdriss, and eventually he told me that I should try to write an article and send it to patriot update, and so I did. Ironically, two or three weeks after my first article appeared at patriot update the same thing happened at the Save America Foundation website. After leaving several lengthy comments under the articles of people my writing now has to be compared to, Fred Brownbill, president of SAF reached out and said that these comments should be articles, and that was all she wrote. I now have articles on two different websites. After several months and a buildup of confidence I took a chance and just sent an article to a site I was unfamiliar with,, and Tim Brown writes me back, tells me its excellent, and now I am on a third website. Yes, there are amazing people in the conservative movement, people who can take a frustrated man and remind him that his voice still matters in America. There are amazing people out there that are looking for the positive in what people have to say and are willing to give them the opportunity to say it.

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In my opinion, it is this type of story that really exemplifies the differences between real conservatives and the liberals in this country. Liberals try to present themselves as the compassionate champion of the underdog, the ones who understand the human condition and the ones that are most likely to help their fellow man. Real humanitarians they claim to be. This must be why they get so red hot angry whenever you remind them that people in conservative states give far more of their own money to charity than people in blue states do. The truth is I have never met so many hateful, resentful people as I did in college, and these were the kind of people that really hated you because you didn’t vote for Obama. I didn’t have to turn on MSNBC; the college classroom was an extension of it.

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Conservatives, on the other hand, believe in people because, for the most part, we believe in God. Isn’t it ironic? The humanists, who ridicule God and claim to believe in people, are hateful and resentful and believe people need to be controlled. On the other hand, the ones who believe that humans are natural born sinners actually believe in giving people a chance, and believe that we are capable of self-governance.

To be honest with you, I am not a journalist. I have tried on several occasions to write articles that were pertaining to some news event, but I have always struggled with these. I am just a guy who is able to let his feelings pour out on paper. Honestly, I get the urge to write and suddenly there’s two pages worth of material in front of me that these three people saw worthy of adding to their lineup. One thing that I have come to understand very well, however, was the psychology involved in instituting tyranny. I started as a psychology major and two things I immediately noticed was that the people I was being educated about didn’t believe in God and had an obsession with human behavior. These are your Carl Rogers and B.F. Skinner types. The obsession actually revolved around the idea of controlling human behavior and even having the power to “change” human behavior. That is where it all is folks; we have given power to a cabal of people who believe in social science as opposed to the absolute morality of God. This is what I felt the urgent need to share with everyone and three great Americans involved in the conservative movement gave me the opportunity to do it.

Sometimes I think I have said all I need to, and lately coming up with something to say has been a struggle, until I sit down and remember what is at stake. What makes people involved in the conservative movement great is that they understand freedom, and they understand their rights, they know that they have a God given right to speak their mind and that the power to save the nation lies with them, the term “there’s nothing you can do about it” has no place in our vocabulary.

So as I sit back and remember the day Fred and his wife took me out for dinner to their favorite Italian restaurant and Fred mentioned all the amazing people he gets to meet, I have to agree that, within this movement, there are amazing people. Not only were there three great patriots that made me remember that my voice can contribute, there are millions more who every day contribute to the conservative argument by making their voices heard on all the social media available on the web. These are people who are not going to just sit down and shut up as my college professor once suggested I do. That is what makes America and her people great my friends. Keep it up!

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