Pathetic: 24 Muslims Demonstrate Against Jihad Terrorism in Canada

peaceful_muslims1I’m happy that 24 Muslims have opted to stand out from the jihadist crowd and at least attempt to deal a blow to radical Islam by demonstrating in Toronto, Canada. These 24 Muslims should be commended.

However, how do we really trust these Muslims? Frankly, my first question after reading about this event is whether or not these Muslims are being honest with us and can we know for certain one way or another? The size of the group tends to say they are, but most of us are well aware of something called “taqiyya,” the idea that it is fine to lie to those outside of Islam if it means self-preservation for the Muslim.

Another question is can we really afford to distinguish between moderate (so-called peaceful Muslims) and radical Muslims even if truly peaceful Muslims do exist? Does it matter that we take the time to separate Muslims into two groups? I’m not really sure we can accurately do that, so seeing a group of Muslims who say they are peaceful coming together against physical jihad may be comforting to us, but honestly, where Islam is concerned, we can never know when a Muslim is telling the truth or lying to our faces. That is due not to paranoia, but to Islam itself and what it teaches.

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Let’s not forget the many times that Muslims have trained and worked right alongside our own military in Pakistan or somewhere else only to one day, pick up a gun and shoot a couple of US military personnel to death. Of course, can we forget the Ft. Hood jihad incident, which dear leader refuses to call jihad?

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After the hacking/slashing death and near-beheading of a UK soldier a few weeks ago, while some Muslims condemned the attack, others appeared more interested in complaining about the potential backlash against Islam that the murder might provoke.That tells me that these Muslims are more concerned about Islam than the death of an innocent person. In fact, if you watch the video of the one Muslim with bloody hands after he and his co-conspirator murdered the UK soldier, he spoke with intelligence and almost matter-of-fact. He offered no sense that what he had done was wrong.

Shortly after the murder that UK soldier, a French soldier was stabbed in the neck by a Muslim from North Africa. That perpetrator has been arrested. More recently, a wheelchair bound Christian man had his throat slit by a Muslim. The Christian man was found on the floor of his flat, dead, having quickly bled out after the attack. I imagine that to see these Muslims on the street, they may not appear dangerous. They may not look as if they are ready to attack at a moment’s notice. But what is the truth?

Not long ago, I read of a missionary who had returned home to the United States and was being taxied to his destination (with another friend) by a Muslim driver. The Muslim was very bold in announcing that the day for jihad was coming to the United States and when that call came, he would have to answer it. In essence, he was talking about killing his passengers. Can you imagine listening to that conversation? If I had been riding in that taxi, I would have given him an earful and had the “call” come in, I would have fought him tooth and nail before I became a sacrifice to Allah.

I wonder sometimes if we aren’t letting our guard down by thinking that some Muslims are “okay” while others should be avoided? Is there any way to know for sure? I have not found a way yet and since taqiyya is in the mix, the reality has become even more confused.

Of course, what is interesting is that many Muslims in the UK don’t want people like Robert Spencer or Pamela Geller allowed into the country because they see these people as promoting hatred. This of course, is in spite of what the Qur’an teaches about hating those who oppose Allah, etc.

That’s another sign that we should note. Muslims in the UK do not want “haters” there to educate people about the truth of Islam. People might wise up, wake up, and take up a defensive stance.

This new mantra of the left is designed to hide the truth through redirection. If you criticize Islam (or anything the left holds dear), then you are creating an environment of hatred (or racism, or bigotry, etc., etc., etc.). No, Islam is creating an environment of hatred due to their intolerance that leads them to murder.

Spencer notes on his own website, “One of the cornerstones of the argument over the last few days for keeping me out of the U.K. is the false claim that I ‘demonize all Muslims’ in my critique of jihad and Islamic supremacism.” Spencer points out that it is the Islamist supremacists themselves who “represent the authentic interpretation of the Qur’an and Islam” and everyone else is wrong. Again, the problem is recognizing the Islamist supremacist. How do we differentiate? Maybe we can’t because Islam itself has clouded the issue.

Spencer also notes that “genuinely peaceful and non-supremacist Muslims have not effectively countered the Islamic supremacist appeal among Muslims.” Again, how do we know for sure? Why couldn’t Muslims gather and demonstrate to put up a show of solidarity against so-called radical Islam solely to redirect people and cause them to lower their guard?

In a recent demonstration by peaceful Muslims in Toronto, Canada, a group of 24 Muslims (Progressive Muslims Institute Canada) paraded down the street shouting that violence was not part of Islam. The director – Tahir Gora – stated, “We thought, enough is enough.” Really? Is that what you thought? Now, enough is enough? Where were you – Tahir – with the other terrorist tragedies perpetrated by people of your own ideology over the years?

One attendee – Rasheed Nadeem – said, “It’s 25 years that I’ve been in Canada, but I haven’t seen the Muslim community come out to protest…There are progressive people, but they are silent. They do talk, but in their dining rooms.” That’s interesting. In 25 years, he hasn’t noticed the Muslim community gathering to protest. I guess that includes him too. That says a lot.

Another individual – Arshad Mamoon – noted that fear plays a pivotal role sometimes, “fear of being an outcast, fear of social boycott, fear of being trashed by certain extremist priests.”

Who cares? Fear is no excuse. It simply proves a self-centered intent on the part of Muslims who refuse to stand up for truth. Then again, we still have that taqiyya to deal with and there is no way around it.

How can we know for sure? I have no idea. Sects of Muslims have been at each others throats for centuries. It continues to this day and it’s not going to end soon or well either.

The less than three dozen Muslims who gathered together in Toronto, Canada and waged verbal warfare against supremacist Islam should be commended. But I’m still leery. I’m leery because there weren’t that many and I’m leery because I feel as though they are laughing in my face. Again, I’m sorry if that sounds paranoid, but it is what it is and it’s due to the way Muslims treat those who are not Muslim.

What needs to happen? I’m really not sure. All I know is that it seems to me that Muslims only respond to violence in return. That’s what they understand. It’s what they know and it’s also what they seem to expect. It may well be that Islam will only truly retreat when they have been beaten into the corner. That may be the only type of “peace” they understand.

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