Alinsky Rules, Communist Goals and the Silence of Disapproval

I often wonder as I go on my little tangents about Saul Alinsky and the radical left if I am saying anything new or informative. With the discovery of Alinsky, Marxism and the left in general all came into view for me during the first term of president Obama. His first term coincided with my second year of college, and his admission of seeking out the Marxists and Structural Feminists was pretty intriguing to me. I guess you could say I owe him a little gratitude because if he had never said that I would have never been interested.

I felt compelled to say this because while I thought all of this was new information I realized during a particular tea party meeting that many people have known about the radical organizer for a long time. That’s when I also realized his radical ways were nothing new and in fact may be material worth nothing more than a yawn to some people. However, sometimes I feel that I can bring an interesting twist by highlighting how some of his “rules” are being employed in daily events and this is what I enjoy sharing with you.

Let’s take the story of the DOJ’s new position on homosexuality in the work place for example. They are literally telling people that remaining silent and keeping your opinions to yourself will be reinterpreted by homosexual people as a sign of disapproval. What that suggests is that people will be expected to make encouraging comments about lifestyle choices they don’t agree with. This is a whole new style of fascism and it comes with a smile on most people’s faces. Folks what they are doing is applying rules number four and six from Rules for Radicals, in my opinion. Let’s check out what these rules are-

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Rule number 4- Make the enemy live up to their own book of rules. You can kill them with this, for they can no more obey their own rules than the Christian Church can live up to Christianity

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Rule number 6- A good tactic is one your people enjoy. If your people are not having a ball doing it, there is something very wrong with the tactic.

The left is attempting to discredit our constitution and its founding ideals of equality by proving to us that equality is an impossible concept and that we need to abandon the constitution. We all know the left hates the constitution so everything revolves around this. Also, believe me when I tell you that the left believes in anything but equality. This is evident by the way they have everyone segregated into their little social groups, and stepping away from the assigned stereo type will leave one out in the cold. (Look at how they treat Herman Cain and Ben Carson for example.) They know that total equality is a concept that is unachievable just as we do; they just make sure that their useful idiots don’t know what the term “All men are created equal” really means. By forcing the concept of total equality through the homosexual activist movement and multiculturalism for example they are turning the very value that has driven this nation to be the most prosperous in history into the dirt.

As rule number six suggests they are having a ball doing it as well. The sooner you realize that the left is not stupid and that everything, everything has a political agenda behind it the better off you will be. The radicals know that forcing homosexuality down our throats while being empowered to make us compliment their lifestyles no less; is burning a hole in your britches. They are laughing at us because of the ease in which they play this little game folks. Turning our values against us does in fact “kill” us because we are forced to concede out of fear of humiliation, or being a hypocrite, a racist, a homophobe, an Islamophobe, or any other “phobe” you can think of.

The push for homosexuality is also a goal of the communist party. Referring back to Cleon Skousens “The Naked Communist” and the 45 declared goals-

25. Breakdown cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and T.V.

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural and healthy.”

(Well that sums up the public school agenda.)

The communists believe that in order to get people to submit their wills to the state they must break our connection with the divine. They know we will not bow to their will while we still have faith in God so they have to destroy our culture and our faith. Homosexuality destroys the soul because by its very nature it is self-destructive and brings people further away by destroying the very purpose of life, procreation. People are naturally turned off by images of homosexuality because it is not natural and healthy. When the standards of morality are broken down traditional values are easily mocked and discarded for what offers instant gratification. Men then look to men for “government granted rights” instead of understanding the truth of natural rights because truth has been destroyed.

The DOJ then by instituting this “silence signals disapproval” policy is aiding in the degeneration of our culture not because they believe they are pushing for equal rights but because they know they are destroying our cultural morality. Their goal is simply to break our will, watch us crumble, lose hope, and lose faith. I believe that by understanding these rules and goals people will be more empowered to not lose faith because that is the thing we need the most.

I also believe that a proper education of our constitution would unite all Americans in the cause of liberty, even gay Americans are protected by the inalienable rights named in the constitution. The problem is that it has been so discredited that to today’s generation it is a document that represents oppression because it limits rights and services governments can provide in order to create an environment of “total” equality. This is also the result of the radicals using the often times “misunderstood concepts” of the constitution against us to create the impression of bigotry.

America, the time has never been better to stand and fight for your country. We have a window of opportunity here where we can apply a little of these radical tactics ourselves, only for love of country and truth. Every time we make a little headway they are going to be right there with something so ridiculous and repulsive simply to throw us off our base and destroy our moral. They will also have fun doing because they know in most cases it works. Shouldn’t we be trying to have a little fun fighting for our country?

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