Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: ‘Unacceptable’ We Are ‘Struggling To Cancel Rent’ In NY Where We Have Dem Governor, Dem-Run City Council

AOC goes full socialist and claims that it is unacceptable that Democrats who run New York refuse to call for a halt on rent.

She advocates for free everything even before the coronavirus, and now she’s merely using it as a justification for her same old socialist principles.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: “Thank you, everybody, you know, from the Housing for All Coalition in making sure that we fight for these priorities. And I think it’s just really important to communicate that these things don’t happen magically, they happen when we organize, and they happen right for them. And that doesn’t just, and that doesn’t even fight along partisan lines, we have to — as we know here in New York — we have to fight with Democrats in order to make sure that these things get accomplished. And I think sometimes that’s the — that’s the big — you know nationally it’s seen as a scandal to call out Democrats, but we’re here in the state of New York, we have a Democratic governor, we have a Democratic state legislature, we have a Democratic city council, and we are still struggling to cancel rent! It’s unacceptable. And so for that, we need to make sure that we are putting the heat on because money in politics is not unique to the Republican Party, money in politics also has a corrosive and corrupting influence in the Democratic Party politics as well. That’s why we got to call it out, that’s why we have to push for rent and mortgage moratoriums. Because as we all know it’s like this parable where, you know, where people act and a lot of these conservatives, they act as though money trickles down and we know that that’s a myth, but let’s get one thing really straight. Money doesn’t trickle down, but despair does. Because over and over again the richest and the wealthiest people are shielded when a huge crisis hits our country, and then it’s the people below them that feel it more and the people below them that feel it more as well. And there’s no other place where we can see that the most right here in housing. Because here we have the bankers and we have the hedge funds, and we have these huge real estate developers, right? They benefited from this $4 trillion relief package.”

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