With hurricane Sandy having combined with a powerful winter storm system to become known as the super storm “or Frankenstorm” of 2012 and slamming the New England area with 90 MPH winds, drenching rains, blizzard conditions in some areas inland, and massive storm surges along the coast. It didn’t take long for Al Gore to try to blame the powerful storm on his fantasy of Global Warming.

In a blog posted 10/29.1012 Gore states that Sandy the Super storm is a disturbing sign of things to come if the world doesn’t quit dirty energy.

I might remind Al Gore and all those trying to promote the fantasy of global warming/climate change that in the first place, extreme weather and severe storms happen all the time from time to time over long periods of years in cycles. The current situation with hurricane Sandy hitting the New England area is part of a pattern which has had many such storms of this intensity come and go about every 60 years or so.

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Secondly, this year’s extreme solar activity is mostly to blame for very extreme weather in all parts of the world. This is because the radiation from the sun is solely responsible for the earth having any weather at all. It is this radiation that is the sole mechanism for all weather on this planet. Thus, when the sun begins an extreme pattern of enhanced solar activity, weather on earth will also become enhanced and wild.

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Since no actual physical evidence exists proving GW/CC, those who wish to convince everyone that it is real will jump on every severe storm or out of the norm season that comes along to try to prove their point.

Weather patterns and climate that is considered normal is derived from analyzing conditions in a region over many years. This takes into consideration all the unusual extremes of wet and dry periods, higher or lower temperatures, and projects an average. For instance, a city with an average yearly precipitation of 30 inches of rain will not always get exactly that amount. Some years will be either drier or wetter but, will for the most part be near the average amount. Thus, to expect weather and climate to be void of extremes at all times is absurd.

There are more climate and weather related incidents affecting more people today than ever before. However, this is not due to drastic changes in the atmosphere but the fact that there are billions more people on the planet today than there were 50 years ago. Where there were vast areas of the planet void of human population a few years ago severe weather and extremes came and went with no one noticing because there wasn’t anyone in these areas to experience it. Today, we have millions living in these previously uninhabited areas that are experiencing the weather and climate in these regions and all the natural extremes that come with them.

Those who believe in the GW/CC fairy tale have assuredly chose to believe what they are told by these climate clowns without doing any investigation into its legitimacy on their own. If they had, they would know that these fantastic claims of rising seas, melting glaciers and polar ice, and record high temperatures are all baseless, ultimately proving to be lies when compared to actual weather and climate records.

It must be nice for Al Gore to sit in the comforts of his study in his multimillion dollar beach hacienda in southern California and write blogs warning the rest of us of rising sea levels and the need to switch to renewable energy sources. This doesn’t paint a picture of a man who is worried about rising sea levels, or the amount of fossil fuels used by the world. If Al Gore really was as worried as he claims he is about the subject of GW/CC? He would be living a life in sync with what he preaches rather than being an icon for leaving a massive carbon foot print. The truth is, compared to most of us Al Gore is Sasquatch in the carbon foot print department.

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