Okay, so granted, the title of this article is not exactly of the "Man Bites Dog" variety. These sorts of stories are growing almost as common as giant-screen televisions at the Welfare housing complex. Almost.

Noted Christian apologist, pastor Douglas Wilson, author of scads of books and recent film star (having appeared opposite Christopher Hitchens in "Collision") was invited to speak on the topic of sexuality at Indiana University last week.

And, of course, he was met with a truly generous display of Liberal intellectual "free thought" and civil discourse. Not.

A large chunk of the crowd that showed up (over half by some estimates) apparently was there for no purpose other than to try and shout Wilson down, as can be seen now on clips at YouTube.

One of the chants the crowd took up was "We favor free speech, but this is hate speech." Translation: as long as you agree with us, you're welcome to speak.

Now, everything turned out fine. The administrators treated Wilson well, and were apologetic. Even some liberals apologized to the pastor for the actions of the agitators, and expressed dismay over the lack of reason on display from their own side. Wilson's presentations went on as scheduled and were not shut down.

I bring this up because this little incident is a display in micro of what a secular democracy looks like. In a democracy, it's really great for you as long as your side is in the majority. It's a lot less great when the majority decides that you have things they don't think you should have. Like money, or dissenting opinions.

The change in our country from Constitutional republic to majority-backed-tyranny is well underway, if not already completed, with an ever-growing slice of the electorate receiving free money from the government, and thus having every incentive to keep cheering on the march to totalitarianism. "Hey, as long as my TV works and someone else pays my rent, that's cool."

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