I am an Agent of Social Change America

As a student in Oklahoma’s Northeastern State University School of social work, I was taught to be a social change agent. This is where I essentially learned that the left believes they can change the hearts and minds of young people by indoctrinating them into a fairy tale world of lies and propaganda.

It actually started as a student is a local community college where I heard professors stealthily implant the idea that communism was a more “superior” economic system than capitalism. Actually, the lesson revolved around the idea that communism was the highest; most evolved form of economics a society could aspire to. Is it any wonder our society has turned to mush?

I also witnessed firsthand how the text books would subtlety suggest things that obviously went against what we consider to be “traditional” American values. For instance, one text book suggested that Christians believe Jesus to be the Son of God while in the same paragraph, describe Muhammad as being “the prophet.” One description is presented as an idea, while the other as being factual, just by a simple change of verbiage.

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As a result of this, I began doing my own research. As I progressed into a four year school, I noticed this trend of anti-Americanism becoming more blatant, with no real attempts on the part of the professors to hide their leftist’s beliefs. For example, NSU is where I was told that expressing a disagreement with the theory of “white privilege” and refusing to accept the ludicrous idea that all whites are racist meant that I was unfit to be in the helping professions. This is where I also listened to another professor explaining that we could create a “Utopia,” and as “change agents,” we should be striving for total equality. Let’s not forget that is was the professor’s duty to push the main stream narrative by accusing those that didn’t vote for Obama of being “racist.”

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I think the real reason they didn’t want me there was my insistence that they were full of you know what, and I continually called them out for being leftists. Hey, I figured if they were going to teach me about Saul Alinsky and to be a radical, the least I could I do was show them I was learning something. Anyhow, I digress. Finally, I watched in absolute shock as the college supported the local “Occupy Tulsa” movement that was occurring at the time. This is when it occurred to me that the schools in the U.S. were truly involved in this massive effort to indoctrinate kids into believing that the nation in which they lived was an oppressive, unfair, bigoted place where the evil rich kept the rest of society down. Being who I am, I spent a great deal of time, to no avail of course, trying to convince the dimwitted that the evil rich they were being trained to hate were also the same ones they had been conned into voting for. Perhaps that’s why they disliked me so much, who knows?

Throughout this whole experience, one phrase was used over and over again to describe the goal of the social work profession: “social change.” It became more of a catch phrase than anything else. It was one of those terms, like racism, that was carelessly tossed around in an attempt to make one appear compassionate, or knowledgeable of the issues. What was always funny to me was the lack of a definitive description of what type of social change these people were seeking. I can’t tell you how many times in class I would ask these socialists in training what they were seeking to change, and what they wanted it to change to. I asked them to describe their rights under the U.S. Constitution and none of them could, not a one. They could, however, describe the Constitution as a living breathing document.

Today, as I see the world transgress further and further into chaos, I realize that people have been conditioned to relinquish their personal responsibility to the government, it’s a subject I write about quite often actually. They were conned into doing this by believing in the principles of “change” being pushed on them by those who despise our values.

What I find even more amazing is the belief that people can be conditioned to be unquestioning automatons. As if they assume that they can fill our children’s head with mush, and we are just going to accept it without correcting them, or attempting to set them straight on the principles of morality. After all, that’s one of the definitive differences between communism and the Christian world view; communists believe in no God, or no higher authority than the state while Christians believe we were created by God with a purpose.

I guess what I am trying to say is that these people can go ahead and try to condition my children to hate America, they can teach them that the Constitution is oppressive and outdated and that people don’t need guns. It doesn’t stop me from showing them where they are being lied to and taking them to the rifle range. It doesn’t stop me from opening up the Constitution from time to time and reminding them what it really says. It doesn’t stop me from reminding them that God is watching over them. What can I say? I was trained to be a social change agent, and I see a whole lot of changing that needs to take place! I’m going to start at home.

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