Agenda 21 & Governing By An Unelected Bureaucracy

“No, Mr. Bureaucrat, I did not elect you and I did not give you power over my life.”  “No, I didn’t.”  “You do not have that authority.”  Try telling that to the IRS, the EPA, the NSA, or your local Council of Government for that matter.  

What do you call a system of governance that is not republican government?  The red flags that kept waving in my face, beginning my odyssey into political activism, was the sudden and rapid march of local regulations and policies that seemed to come out of nowhere, enactments of things that had no resemblance to representative government that I had ever seen.  Maybe that is what happened to you?   The local council votes in some strange policy, you scratch your head, and you ask yourself….where in the heck did they get that idea?  Or…..what makes them think they can do that??

A friend of mine is a delegate at the State GOP Convention today. As the subject of Agenda 21 was scheduled for discussion, he called me to shoot him some information on NGOs.  He was going to prepare a statement to deliver to the body of delegates. Glad to do it, I scrambled the info together for him, but the day was nearly through and the discussion was pushed off to tomorrow.  I’m headed over there tomorrow evening, by which time I hope and pray that the Anti-Agenda 21 Resolution will have passed …with sharp teeth in it.

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His request gave me the chance to re-read the Agenda 21 chapter on NGO’s.  The instructions are concise and clear. It says quite plainly that the (every) national government is to include and enable non-governmental organizations into processes and funding.  Read that last sentence over again and let that sink in. The UN is telling member governments to empower NON-governmental organizations, thereby going around the constitutional process of representative governing.  In some cases they are giving these NGO’s taxing authority.  To sweeten the pot, the national (Federal) government creates grants for the NGO’s to hire bureaucrats and to put regulations in place. It’s like having thousands of little EPA’s turned loose in every nook and cranny of the country. The obvious metaphor for this is how cancer cells multiply and spread throughout a body if unchecked. The only check available to the citizens is the elected officials, BUT…the NGO walks into the picture with briefcases of money to bribe otherwise broke localities. Instant caving takes place.  Money…big money…is not available if you don’t play the game.  Money talks. Voters suddenly become invisible. Lies are thrown around like candy on Halloween.  The deviant plan succeeds in destroying Constitutional representation of the people. Bingo. Bango. Just like that.

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It’s not hard to imagine a civilian army of bureaucrats.  They have their orders and you will comply. Now we have an executive ruler in the White House who is giving himself and his army of bureaucrats the tools, paid for with our money, to spy on your every move.  Without provocation, mind you.  Just because he and they can. You don’t have to imagine it anymore.  The day has arrived.  Give a bureaucrat that kind of power, and what do you have?  Nazi Germany?  Stalin’s Soviet Russia?  Mao’s Communist China?   All of the above, only on steroids due to the technological advances of today.  

When I read the Agenda 21 chapter on NGO’s again today I thought about how insulting this is to Americans. I’m insulted. Worse than that, I’m disgusted that any elected official in this country would sell out my rights and their duties on the basis of a UN scheme of world governance.  Or on the basis of some special interest NGO.  There are variations on this distorted governing including corporations and non-profits. It is sort of an “anything goes” platform, anything except republicanism

This NGO scheme is just one piece of Agenda 21 that takes away our sovereign rights. The entire thing from cover to cover is anti-American.  You can call it governance of some sort, but you can’t make it seem American, or even close to it.  We didn’t agree to this. It deviates 180 degrees from our Constitution.  This may sound silly, but as an American I react viscerally to this, by instinct it feels really wrong.

Know (and note) that I am not blaming the UN for what our government is doing to America.  But Agenda 21 is giving a global nod to all leadership of all nations to prosecute these abuses of all of their citizens. Actually, much more than a nod, but a prescription for doing so.  The Founders gave us a firewall against the sort of tyranny erupting in our nation. It’s just that we have people determined to rip it down in what they think is a bloodless coup.  So far, that is working in their favor. 

Rush Limbaugh is right.  This is a coup d’etat.

The deviance and deception of this UN madness has been going on for 20 years in the United States, since the Rio Earth Summit in 1992….through each U.S. President since and now.  This President has done more to destroy America than all of the others combined, but it’s only a monster version of what we have seen coming down the track for years, incrementally and relentlessly.

Tomorrow North Carolinian Republicans have an opportunity to stand against Agenda 21. I hope they carry through. It would be a start….just a start. (Note…I didn’t get this published last night…so tomorrow is now today.)

Stay tuned….

In case you don’t go to the link provided for the NGO Chapter of Agenda 21 above, here is one paragraph that explains the connection of this surveillance state we are now seeing and Agenda 21:


Provide access for non-governmental organizations to accurate and timely data and information to promote the effectiveness of their programmes and activities and their roles in support of sustainable development.

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