Age of Sexual Consent in U.S. Will Be Drastically Lower Soon Due to Massive Immigration

On a daily basis, we constantly hear about some illegal alien who has raped a underage child, about marriages taking place between older men and young girls some as young as 8 or 9 years old in mostly Middle East countries, or some pedophilia act here in the states. Recently, Jared Fogle, spokesman for Subway restaurants was in the news for allegedly paying a 16 year old girl for sex.

Children disappear on a massive scale daily here in the US and abroad, most of them kidnapped and sold on the world sex trade market.

Here in the US, mostly in Utah and parts of the southwest there are entire small towns made up of followers of the traditional branch of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints who believe they are following God’s will in having multiple wives, many of which are underage girls.

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Over the last few decades, we have learned of the massive pedophilia forced on children by Catholic priests and other church officials. 

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Many in the United States are astounded at the number of people who see nothing wrong in having consensual sex with a minor. Yet, what it all boils down to is the age of consent. In many countries in the world, the age at which one can engage in consensual sex is considerably lower than the 18 years of age most of us here in the states are used to. 

In Mexico and some Central American countries, for example, the minimum age for consensual sexual relations is mostly 12 years of age. Since most of the illegal immigrants here in the US are from these countries, it is a natural part of life to have sex with young children. 

The massive invasion of immigrants we are now experiencing from Muslim countries brings yet more people to our country who are used to having sex with pre-teens and having multiple wives.

As far as the world goes with the age of consent, the US is among just a handful of countries who have the age at 18 years of age, most other countries have a lower age. In Canada for example, the legal age for sexual relations is 16 years of age.

Many of us here in the US would be surprised to know that many states have a lower age of consent than the standard 18 years. Two thirds of US states have an age of consent at 16 years of age, many with certain restrictions.

I suspect Jared Fogle is in more hot water for the $100.00 payment for sex to the 16 year old girl than her age since in Indiana, the age of consent is 16. However, restrictions under the law could still have him prosecuted.

Not a single person alive today can claim to have either grandparents or great grandparents of which one of them did not have an underage spouse. Only in the last few decades has the age of consent been 18 years of age here in the US. 

In 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis made headlines when he married his 13 year old cousin in Mississippi. 

Thus, what we have here in the US is a moral standard for sexual relations being 18 years, when most of the world has a lower age. The only problem with this is millions of illegal and legal immigrants alike have moved here, or will soon from countries where the age of consent is much lower than ours and in some cases as low as the onset of puberty. What this will eventually do is cause the Federal government to lower the age of consent here in the US, primarily because there will be too many cases of sex with minors to prosecute, as well as no room in prisons for those who would be.

The lowering of the age of consent has already begun here in the states in the form of the changing laws of marriage. Now standard marriage between a man and a woman is no longer the norm in the fact that homosexuals can now get married. The moral bar of acceptance will be further lowered when those who desire multiple wives or husbands will force their rights to marry into law by citing this fact.

In the end, when the political smoke clears and we have more immigrants both legal and illegal living in the US than citizens, I predict that we will have a blanket age of consent at 14 or more than likely much lower. The Feds will end up lowering the age due to a majority of millions demanding it.

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