AG Sessions Finally Announces DOJ Will Investigate Obama-Era FISA Abuses

Will the trail finally lead to Hillary, Obama and his elite generals in the top echelons of the DOJ and the FBI?

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has finally decided to act. The undeniable evidence of Obama-era FISA abuses, revealed in both the Nunes and the Grassley-Graham documents, followed by the weak defense offered by Adam Schiff’s rebuttal memo, have spurred him into action.

Far from debunking the Republican’s accusations, Adam Schiff’s memo unintentionally corroborates what they have claimed for so long. Schiff has been repeating his lies for so long that he now seems to believe they are the truth. His widely panned rebuttal to the Nunes memo and the Grassley-Graham referral letter actually cited several uncorroborated accusations contained in the Trump dossier as the basis for investigating Page. No wonder the mainstream media has been so quiet.

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Sean Hannity addressed Schiff’s memo and the announcement of the long-awaited DOJ investigation on Tuesday night. Please see the video below.

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“As for the extensive, unprecedented Obama-era FISA abuses, we now have a mountain of incontrovertible, corroborated facts in evidence… Adam Schiff’s counter memo on FISA abuses has actually confirmed everything we’ve been reporting on. Mainstream media has been completely ignoring what is inside of the Schiff Memo. It doesn’t fit their narrative.”

The Grassley-Graham letter claims that the “bulk” of the application for the warrant was based on the dossier. Of course , chiff doesn’t go quite that far, but he admits it was used in the application. Schiff says that the FISA application references the claims in the dossier (as if they were the verified truth).

Schiff’s memo states that the Michael Isikoff story was used as a basis for the warrant, but doesn’t mention that Christopher Steele was the source of Isikoff’s information. Fox’s Catherine Herridge explains this as “circular reporting.”

Schiff claims that the Trump campaign was not spied upon. This is a lie because, with a FISA warrant, the FBI had access to all of Carter Page’s electronic information, emails, texts and phone calls, going backward to his days as one of Trump’s foreign policy advisors.

Schiff also maintains that former deputy director of the FBI Andrew McCabe never said the dossier was used as the basis for the FISA warrant. He simply makes the statement “without offering any proof which likely means it doesn’t exist and my sources (Sean Hannity’s) confirm he did say that.”

Schiff tried to build up Steele’s credibility saying that the FBI had worked with Steele on many occasions. Once it became clear to the FBI that Steele was the source of Isikoff’s article, after Steele had agreed to maintain confidentiality, they fired him. “The claims in the dossier were never verified by the FBI, the DOJ or anybody.” The FBI knew very well that none of the accusations in the dossier had been corroborated.

Hannity points out that the first application for a warrant to spy on Carter Page was denied.  However, when the dossier was presented as evidence on the next try, the warrant was approved. The FBI obtained the warrant to spy on the Trump Campaign.

The National Review’s Andrew McCarthy provided the most thorough analysis of Schiff’s rebuttal memo. His background as a lawyer allows him to sift through the legal issues involved and explain them to us laymen.

McCarthy says that Schiff’s memo “leaves no doubt” the FBI’s entire basis for obtaining the warrant is based on the dossier’s claim that Carter Page met with two Putin affiliated operatives, Igor Sechin and Igor Divyekin.

“Page “credibly” denies that he met with these men.  Former British spy Christoper Steele’s claim that they happened is based on unidentified hearsay sources that he concedes he never confirmed; and all indications are that the FBI never corroborated them.”

Byron York, of the Washington Examiner, refers to Schiff’s focus on the fact that Carter Page was “on the FBI’s radar” for several years leading up to 2016.

In 2013, Russian agents tried to recruit Page as a spy. There are two issues to consider.

  1. Under FISA, there must be “probable cause” that the subject is an “active, purposeful agent of a foreign government”, not simply someone they would like to recruit. The probable cause provided to the FISA court was the claim in Steele’s phony dossier. (Similar to how the FBI used Michael Isikoff’s article – for which Christopher Steele was the source – to corroborate Christopher Steele’s dossier).

FISA defines “agent of a foreign power” — as that term is applicable to “U.S. persons” (i.e., American citizens and permanent resident aliens) — as a person who: 

(A) knowingly engages in clandestine intelligence gathering activities for or on behalf of a foreign power, which activities involve or may involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United States; 

(B) pursuant to the direction of an intelligence service or network of a foreign power, knowingly engages in any other clandestine intelligence activities for or on behalf of such foreign power, which activities involve or are about to involve a violation of the criminal statutes of the United 

(C) knowingly engages in sabotage or international terrorism, or activities that are in preparation therefor, for or on behalf of a foreign power;  

(D) knowingly enters the United States under a false or fraudulent identity for or on behalf of a foreign power or, while in the United States, knowingly assumes a false or fraudulent identity for or on behalf of a foreign power; or  

(E) knowingly aids or abets any person in the conduct of activities described in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C) or knowingly conspires with any person to engage in activities described in subparagraph (A), (B), or (C).

  1. Page cooperated fully with the government in this matter. He willingly spoke to the FBI on many occasions. All indications were that he helped the FBI prosecute a case against the Russians in 2013.

(See the Justice Department’s complaint in United States v. Buryakov, at pp. 12–13 — Page is “Male-1,” whom the Russian spy Victor Podobnyy refers to as an “idiot,” and whose 2013 interview by the FBI is described in paragraph 34.)

McCarthy also explains that the FBI and the DOJ must satisfy the FISA court that other reasonable ways of obtaining information from the subject have been exhausted. A FISA warrant grants such broad power to the FBI to intrude on the life of an American citizen, the court wants to be sure the measure is a last resort.

Carter Page had always cooperated with the government in the past. Surely, he would have spoken to the FBI had he been asked. Why did the FBI not even try to contact him before seeking a FISA warrant? Because they wanted to spy on the Trump campaign. 

It’s time for the American people to get some honest answers. Reading the tea leaves has become tiresome.

Fortunately, within 30-45 days, Inspector General Michael Horowitz will release his team’s comprehensive report, which should provide some long-awaited, objective answers.

We need to find out if Andrew McCabe actually said that a FISA warrant would not have been granted without the dossier. The transcript of his remarks to the House Intelligence Committee must be declassified so this question can be resolved.

We certainly hope to learn if top FBI and DOJ officials acted illegally to protect Hillary Clinton.

Hopefully, we will find out if Andrew McCabe asked his subordinates to make changes to any FBI FD-302 reports (name of the FBI form used to record the results of an interview).  We are especially interested in any changes made to General Michael Flynn’s 302. We must have the answers to all of these questions and more.

It is clear that there has been deliberate unlawful behavior by many high-level, Obama-era government officials who would have gotten away with everything had Hillary won the election. No wonder they were so depressed that Trump won. Not only did they hate him, but they also knew that sooner or later, their wrongdoing would be revealed.

Kudos to Jeff Sessions for opening this investigation. The American people deserve the truth.

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