After Gun Control, What’s Next, Knife Control?

We know very well what the anti-gunners and the gun control nuts think about guns. Well maybe not so much about guns but definitely about control. We read daily about what they think would happen in our society if all of the guns were taken away from the law-bidding citizens. I still haven’t figured out how taking away guns from peaceful law-bidding citizens suddenly gets rid of all of the guns that the bad guys have. Nevertheless, by whatever process that takes place in their minds, they end up thinking that our society would become a paradise of peace and tranquility. All crime would suddenly disappear and the lambs would lie down with the lions. Yeah, right! Another liberal delusion.

In a New York Post article posted March 28, 2013, Bob Fredericks wrote that, “The madman behind the Newtown school massacre and his gun-loving mom had enough weapons and ammo in their suburban home to launch a small war…” In fact there were only four guns and about 1,000 rounds of ammunition. It would have been a very, very small war, more of a small skirmish. Now if you want a real war, go talk to DHS and their 2 billion rounds of ammunition and who knows how many guns, tanks, and other weapons of mass destruction they have at this point. But I digress.

The NY Post writer further described the other contents of the home as, “Other items seized include three Samurai swords, a 6-foot, 10-inch spear, a bayonet, and a deadly collection of large knives…” I guess coming from a liberal writer on the NY Post, they will go to any extreme to make sensational a simple statement about the inventory found in the home.

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The part that caught my attention was, “… and a deadly collection of large knives…” How interesting. I didn’t know that a “collection” could be “deadly.” I would have to admit that a knife, if used against a person could have “deadly” consequences and the way that it is used could be for a “deadly” purpose, but a “collection” of knives being deadly? All by themselves? I don’t think so.

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In the minds of liberals, I guess it is sort of like the guns that kill people. The gun jumped up all by itself and killed someone. Knives will all of a sudden throw themselves at someone and kill them. Got to watch out for those “deadly knives.” Or maybe the “collection” of knives would get together and conspire to throw themselves at some poor unsuspecting person in a deadly attack.

Of course we would have to make sure that there would be no mass killings or assaults with knives like what is taking place in China. China’s knife killings make our guns look like nothing, comparably speaking:

BEIJING – “A man wielding a knife attacked students Friday at a school in central China, leaving 22 children and one adult injured, according to state-run media reports. The attack marks the latest in a series of violent assaults at elementary schools in China. In 2010, a total of 18 children were killed in four separate attacks. On March 23 of that year, Zheng Minsheng attacked children at an elementary school in Fujian Province, killing eight. “One month later, just a few hours after Zheng Minsheng was executed for his crime, another man, Chen Kanbing wounded 16 students and a teacher in a knife attack at another primary school in Fujian. The following month, on May 12, a man named Wu Huangming killed seven children and two adults with a meat cleaver at a kindergarten in Shaanxi Province. That attack was followed by an August 4 assault by Fang Jiantang, who killed three children and one teacher with a knife at a kindergarten in Shandong Province.

You know, with this thing about “deadly collections of knives,” we may be witnessing the opening shots (or the opening stabs) in a new war, a war on knives. Maybe this is the first brick in setting the foundation for getting background checks for buying knives, and maybe the registration of knives.

How about establishing a database for “Knife DNA”? Test every knife for the unique cutting serration from the blade of the knife. That way you could trace the knife that caused an attack on someone back to the owner of the knife.

But wait, there’s more. How about requiring serial numbers on knives, and of course installing safety devices on knives so they can’t cut someone, especially on purpose. Don’t forget mandatory classes on knife safety and the Concealed Knife Carry permit. There will have to be serious penalties for someone who doesn’t keep a knife in an approved locked knife storage safe with a secure keypad entry system.

Do you think that all of this is silly? So do I, but knowing liberals this would be quite reasonable in their perverted thinking. So don’t be surprised if the next bill you see filed in Congress is the “Ban on Assault Knives Act.” One of the provisions of the Act would be a requirement that all knives over 1½” in length be equipped with a safety device. We would have to limit the number of blades on a knife to no more than one blade and doesn’t have a handle that looks like a Special Forces Military Assault knife.

In fact, I recall that there has already been a knife developed that can’t poke someone or cut your finger. This company will be ahead of the stampede in bringing sanity to the world where rogue “deadly’ knives are threatening the safety of young and old alike.

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