The Actual Definition of Conspiracy Theories

The image for this article (see below) was taken by a photographer. I did not take this photo and Mr. O'Bottom put himself in this position and allowed this photo to be made and published. You decide if this photo is a theory or a fact.

Over the past three to four decades the words "conspiracy theory" have been demonized to the point that the mainstream media, along with other "voices of authority" would have the people believe that only "tin foil hat," basement dwellers fit the category. If we simply read the definition of the words conspiracy and theory, you, my uninformed American citizen, will find out very quickly that you have been dooped once again. When will you begin thinking for yourself? When the food stamps run out? When the subsidized housing is taken away? When you wind up in a FEMA camp?

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When I penned Who is Responsible for YOUR Freedom and Liberty? I was asking similar questions. I would like to take it a step further. The recent avalanche of articles regarding attacks on our freedoms and liberties should leave the typical American citizen questioning their so-called "representatives," It has not. The current pond-scum that has infested both Houses of Congress, along with local and state "representatives" are so corrupt at this point that even China and Russia are questioning the American people's tolerance for criminal behavior. When China and Russia begin questioning the American people, rest assured something is very, very wrong.

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This morning I am going through the news from yesterday and come across, yet another, article that shows agent provocateurs are creating most of the chaos in Ferguson, Mo. The article I chose to post at SGTReport was not from some fringe, unknown news source. It came from Yahoo news. The typical American citizen, if confronted with the actual words of a police officer on site, would call you a "conspiracy theorist." I have explained on numerous occasions to friends and family that, not only do I not have time, I have no desire to deal in theories. Why should I waste my precious time dealing in theories when I can simply read or listen to, by way of video, the words coming from the mouths of the criminals? The real criminals, you know, the so-called "authorities" in government, the heads of major multi-national corporations or the heads of major predatory lendingdrug money laundering banking cartels. These criminals have become so brazen that it is merely a question of listening to them or reading the transcripts from press conferences or Congressional hearings. It's right there in plain sight for everyone to see. But, I am called a "theorist" because I report what these people say. As soon as I report the crimes being committed, with pen or voice, the person I am speaking with turns on the normalcy bias channel and whatever I say is immediately discredited in their minds or in their response. It is a shame that so many good people are going to awaken to a nightmare that they have allowed to develop. It does not have to be this way or reach that point. I suppose when the bullets begin flying over their head or through their head, they will then awaken to the reality of the conspiracy facts that we, the citizen journalists, alternative media and internet-only news agencies have been reporting for years. Until then, I wish them Godspeed and a fruitful life.


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