According to Some Blacks (and Critical Race Theory), Blacks Cannot Be Racists…Who Knew?

According to Some Blacks (and Critical Race Theory), Blacks Cannot Be Racists…Who Knew?

I recently wrote an article here on Freedom Outpost called “Obama – Divider-in-Chief – Says Race Relations May Worsen if He Doesn’t Get What He Wants” and so far, it has received over 3,000 “likes” and roughly 200 tweets with 459 comments as I write this article.

Derrick Bell, the father of the Critical Race Theory
Derrick Bell, the father of the Critical Race Theory

The comments contain the usual back and forth and at times, unkind attacks. However, what I found to be most fascinating is what some people offer as incontrovertible fact. One individual made sweeping generalizations that can best be described as sound bites from the “Critical Race Theory” promulgated years ago by Derrick Bell.

Critical Race Theory (CRT) “recognizes that racism is engrained in the fabric and system of the American society. The individual racist need not exist to note that institutional racism is pervasive in the dominant culture.”

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It recognizes? Notice the nuanced verbiage there. It assumes that racism is “engrained” in American society at its core and that every white is part of the problem. It doesn’t attempt to prove it. It simply assumes it.

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CRT gives blacks permission to believe in something that provides a plausible-sounding reason for what they see in society. Because it is believed that racism is truly “engrained in the fabric and system of the American society,” it stands to reason that it must be fought against. A militant response is expected by many within the black culture of America toward this “engrained” racism.

CRT has given rise to the belief in “white privilege,” which essentially states that white people – by virtue of the fact that they are white (and for no other reason) – have a privileged position in America. What this means is that groups like the NAACP, Affirmative Action, BET, and a plethora of others are mandatory in order to continue to fight against the “engrained” racism that is allegedly part of American society (though not proven to be). People like Al Sharpton are necessary, they believe.

With respect to the article I wrote on Obama, there were many posters. To one in particular, CRT is a foregone conclusion. Another person rejected the claim of racism and noted that his entire family arrived to America well after the end of the Civil War, so he could not have been part of that racism that existed then. This response did not matter to the resident CRT expert who replied this way:

“Your family may not have owned slaves but they most likely did not challenge the mistreatment of nonwhites and most likely went along with the treatment of nonwhites as subhuman during Jim Crow and thereafter. So shut up about that. Blacks are where they are today due to the system of white supremacy racism and the whites who allowed it and continue to allow it. When was the last time you challenged discriminatory practices against nonwhites in banking, housing, education, employment, or voting rights? Never. So you and your family are just as guilty as anyone else of promoting white supremacy racism.”

The individual responding in the above quote agrees that the other person might not have owned slaves (since they were here after the fact), but they were still racist. Notice how the claim is that his family “likely went along with the treatment of nonwhites as subhuman…” and also indicated that the same person’s family had never “challenged discriminatory practices against nonwhites…” How would he know this? He can’t know it, but simply assumes that this is the truth. Why? Critical Race Theory.

Without facts or proof, the person has simply decided that the other person is “just as guilty as anyone else of promoting white supremacy racism.” How can they do this? Because they have bought into CRT lock, stock, and barrel. It is their ideology and it is their weapon against the white race (as if we all think and act alike). American Thinker rightly refers to Critical Race Theory as “A Cult of Anti-White Resentment.” That’s all it is because it provides a plausible (though completely inaccurate) reason for some blacks and other minorities to hate whites. It also excuses their reprehensible behavior toward whites.

The person went onto explain how being white creates white privilege. “White supremacy refers to the fact that whites control every major social institution in American society for the benefit of white people. Whether you asked for it or not, if you are white, you will benefit from being white due to that fact.”

But just because major corporations are owned by whites does not mean I benefit solely because I am white. Those white owners could care less about me.

If anything, the reverse discrimination that is occurring and has been occurring for decades in America is something that is seen as acceptable by minorities because it supposedly “rights the wrongs.” This has nothing to do with true justice and the blacks who think like the one quoted above do not care about truth or justice. They care only about “equality” which is a nebulous characteristic at best and based on political correctness where decisions are made based solely on emotion virtue, not facts.

When will we arrive at “equality”? That’s debatable and as far as militant blacks are concerned, the answer is “never” so all the things that artificially prop up the minorities in this country need to remain in place and become even stronger so that the oft-pursued “equality” will one day be seen.

There were whites who did what they could to help end the slavery situation in America. In fact, the same KKK (created by Democrats) who lynched blacks also lynched their share of whites who tried to defend blacks, who helped with the Underground Railroad, or who were simply Republicans. The whites in the north did not own slaves either. These are incontrovertible facts, not some “theory” based on ethereal ideas and concepts from racist, Derrick Bell. Yet, for racist blacks, all whites are thrown together in one pot and called “racist” and they are satisfied with that assessment. If anyone did that with any other group, they would be called racists or bigots, but blacks today get away with it because of…Critical Race Theory.

Another incontrovertible and inconvenient truth for black racists is that blacks also owned slaves during the times of slavery. Black apologists often try to pretend that these blacks owned slaves to keep them from harm, but when history is really studied, the facts become clearer. For blacks who owned slaves, it was often for the same reasons whites owned slaves: economics.

America did not invent slavery. But according to our friend, the form of slavery in the US was far different from other slavery, even in the African continent, where one tribe conquered another tribe, selling the vanquished to slave ship owners. If we are to believe our friend, those black tribes who made slaves out of other tribes treated them more like indentured servants and never abused them.

But all this aside, probably the most telling comment made by the person I’ve quoted is this one: “Blacks can’t be racist.” This is absurd, yet the person stating it obviously believes it to be true.

It safe to say that he has bought “Critical Race Theory” completely. It makes sense to him, but the theory itself makes no sense because it cannot be empirically tested or proven. That doesn’t matter though because it fills a need in him. It sounds good. He can espouse Derrick Bell’s theories and deny that he is a racist.

As long as people like this think as they do, race relations will worsen. It’s a fact that the left will continue to blame on whites. It’s why Al Sharpton (or Charlie Rangel) can use the racist language and not be called a racist. It’s why three black youths can attack and beat the crap out of a white 6th grader on a bus, break his arm and rob him and are not charged with a hate crime. Yet, we know that if three whites attacked and brutally beat a black, it would automatically be a hate crime. It’s why the “knockout game” gets little to no attention by the media.

But the biggest problem with Critical Race Theory (which proves its lack of credibility) is the fact that it is not only built on questionable theories, but ones that are fully racist. CRT says all whites are racist and must constantly work to prove we are not. This is the most ludicrous and racist aspect of Critical Race Theory because it encourages all blacks to see all whites as racist. There is nothing good in the racist Critical Race Theory. While it caters to those who live by emotional virtue, it has no basis in absolute truth.

It is obvious that some blacks will only be happy when ALL whites are forced to the back of the bus. They want payback and would probably want to start with some form of monetary reparations. Frankly, I would not be surprised if that is also part of Obama’s upcoming agenda. Time will tell, but whatever happens in the future, it won’t be good.

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