Abortion: A Symptom Of The Real Problem Of Our Nation

In the wake of the death of a 24 year old mother and murder of her unborn child, Congress is looking into exactly what Planned Parenthood is doing with funds it receives from us as taxpayers. While that is a good thing and we should defund it, why is it that we are unwilling, as a nation, to deal honestly with the real problem we face? In most instances we are unwilling to even deal with the symptoms, abortion being only one of many, of the root problem.

It’s amazing to me that in our society we loathe serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer or Ted Bundy. We loathe people who take other people’s lives in mass like James Holmes. Yet we give little thought to the serial killers who wear the doctors coats who kill tens of thousands of human beings each year and walk our streets. You might say, “Well, it’s because it’s legal and it’s a woman’s choice what to do with her body.” Fine, I agree that her body is hers and she should be allowed to do with her body what she wants, but here’s the thing, when it comes to the abortion of an unborn child it isn’t her body getting sucked up, torn apart, burned and thrown in a trash can or flush down a sink, is it?

In one of Dr. Ron Paul’s ads from the 2012 GOP presidential campaign he describes the first time he ever saw an abortion:

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“I happened to walk into an operating room where they were doing an abortion on a late pregnancy. They lifted out a small baby that was able to cry and breathe and they put it in a bucket and put it in the corner of the room and pretended it wasn’t there.

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I walked down the hallway and a baby was born early, slightly bigger than the baby that they just put in a bucket and they wanted to save this baby. So they might have had 10 doctors in there, doing everything conceivable.

Who are we to decide that we pick and throw one away and pick up and struggle to save the other ones?

Unless we resolve this and understand that life is precious and we must protect life, we can’t protect liberty.”

When are we going to learn that life is precious? When will our nation repent of it’s pro-death stance. The idea that abortion is pro-choice is laughable. Women had the choice to murder their own babies before Roe v Wade. They simply had to deal with the consequences of that choice. Now we legalize it and sterilize it and call it safe, but it’s no more safe than it was. Women are forever scarred through abortions and millions of children in our land are thrown away.

Before you say, “Well this is a social issue” and give me the run down about this year’s election being “about the economy, stupid” let me just point out that social decisions such as how we think in regards to abortion automatically affect the economy. These are million of people who will never live in our land, produce in the society, educate, help, build a family, invent something new, develop medicine, become leaders in our cities, states and country, or build businesses. All of those things are directly tied to the economy.

This year more than any other I’ve heard people say to just stop talking about social issues like abortion. Well, we need to talk about them. The problem in our society is not an economic one. The economy is simply a symptom of the root problem. Even abortion, as horrific as it is, is only a symptom.

We have turned from God and God has allowed us to wallow in our sin. This is the real problem that faces our nation and no politician or political party can save us from it or its effects. No false gods are able to save us and even more to the point, we are unable to save ourselves.

While Mike Huckabee came on Fox News and said that we have a sin problem in America, he was not the first politician to say so. Senator Rand Paul came out in May and said that the country is sick and in need of spiritual leadership.

Unless America is ready to deal with her own sins, we can only expect the same kinds of devastating results we see in our society. They only way men can deal with their sins is through Jesus Christ, who is a powerful Savior from sin. We cannot look to Allah, because he is incapable of saving men from sin. We cannot look to ourselves, for how are we to rid ourselves of what dwells within us? We can’t look to other false gods or false religions. We must look only to Christ. May God grant us repentance and may He once again bless America for His glory.

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