The Ability to Educate Yourself, Verify and Learn from Your Errors is Still A Freedom You Have

In a recent article about the three fifths compromise, I mentioned the fact that African slaves were not the first brought to American shores, and in fact white people from Eastern Europe were. Some people were a little upset claiming that whites working under the conditions of indentured servitude were not the same as “slavery.” First and foremost, I said nothing about indentured servitude, I said white slaves. Secondly, the history of white slavery in the world in one that is far older than that of African slaves. For whatever reason, academia and the collective consciousness of the nation have all but turned a blind eye to the fact that white Europeans, in many cases some of the first colonists, were brought here against their will in chains. Telling the truth of this history would sure put a different perspective on the story told by race hustlers. For what it’s worth, I wanted to post this pdf file so there is one more place that it can be found because it contains some incredible information pertaining to the true history of slavery in the world. Information like the Arab involvement in the white slave trade and the ways Arab slave owners treated European Christian Slaves. It turns out that white Europeans aren’t really the world’s evil oppressor after all.¬† In fact, based on the citations and other sources of information found in this pdf you might just say that everything you have ever been taught about the history of the world is a lie. That’s pretty significant actually when you consider the likely reaction you will get from almost anyone when you say whites were the first slaves in America. People will believe what they are taught by people appearing to be in positions of authority to teach them.

Just like anything else, there is probably a substantial amount of information¬†that someone could use to rebut the information presented in this pdf file and that’s OK. The whole idea of providing sources and doing research is to come to your own conclusions based on your own research. The hard truth is that none of us were there and no matter how much research we do, we will never know the whole truth; we can only speculate. It is reasonable, however, to assume that you can develop a pretty accurate description of history if you find enough evidence supporting the same claim. There is plenty of information out there pertaining to white slavery to come to the conclusion that it is certain to have happened. Why the world ignores it is anybody’s guess, but based on the events of the day it is likely that the information is being suppressed because it would interfere with the fundamental transformation to Marxism being implemented through the use of “racism” and the grievance industry. That’s why, in my opinion, it is imperative to at least research for ourselves the possibility that we are being fed a false story pertaining to the history of slavery. It is imperative that we learn how to educate ourselves and stop relying on others to tell us what to think.

It’s funny because, in an article written by the Tea Party economist, the author claims that because of the rapidly developing capability of computing power, public schools will be obsolete by the year 2040. In many ways that is amazing; that a computer will be able to “out think” human beings, and people will have this computing power at the tip of their fingers. The reality is that this technology is rarely used by younger generations to research information now, so why would it be in the future? It never ceases to amaze me that kids are walking around with all the knowledge of the world at their disposal, and all they do is play video games. As a substitute teacher, I can attest to this. It lends credibility to the notion of “deliberately dumbing down” our education system. Kids are not being encouraged to do research. In fact, I have had several children tell me that their regular teachers rarely ask them questions, and quite often, they only make them watch videos and regurgitate the information presented. What does that tell you about the reality our nation will be facing by 2040?

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I got a little off track there, but I think you see my point. Without the ability to research on our own, and a willingness to argue the validity of the information found; we are sitting ducks. That’s supposed to be the whole point of education in the first place. I have no problem presenting information in an article, as I discover it. It’s how I educate myself. Sometimes the information isn’t always accurate, but there is no shame in being wrong, only in failing to try to teach yourself something. There have been several times where commentary from a reader has prompted me to reevaluate my position and others where I have doubled down on mine to prove a point. I think the biggest motivating factor for me is that I want to see people do their own research and if they prove me wrong so be it. I don’t mind.

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