Abaham Lincoln – America’s Hijacker

Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness…(Isaiah 5:20)

On this annual observance of Lincoln’s birthday (February 12), a gift of truth will help you make sense of our present slide into Obamanation. 

The most staggering fraud ever perpetrated by government schools on a supposedly free people is the conditioning of students to extol and adore Dishonest Abe — demonstrably the most monstrous American president in history. 

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The most carefully buried secret of our history is the abiding affinity that Abraham Lincoln had for Karl Marx and his Communist system. Those who believe that Barack Obama is attempting to launch American communism, are as ignorant of our history as the average Russian citizen is of his. 

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Lest you think I exaggerate, I suggest two resources – one of which is immediately available at no cost.  Reading Karl Marx with Abraham Lincoln: Utopian Socialists, German Communists, and Other Republicans appeared in the September 2011 issue of International Socialist Review, the communist news magazine of record.  The article details the relationship between Marx and Lincoln’s administration. 

The second resource is a book entitled Lincoln’s Marxists by Al Benson and Walter Kennedy, that delves much more deeply into the ties between Marxism, Lincoln’s unconstitutional new national army, and the neo-nascent GOP of Lincoln’s day, that rose from the ashes of the Whig party.  That work and the three others depicted below, are shocking but heavily documented and demonstrably true exposes of our most execrable president:

Also by Professor Thomas DiLorenzo on a related subject (Lincoln as founder of American statism), see THIS 2010 monograph from the Mises Institute.  Indeed, the Democrat party took an evil turn after the Northern mercantilists (most of whom had no use for Blacks except as political water-boys) brought The War to Enslave the States upon us all.  But the GOP was even more wicked, as it turns out.  

Conservatism in Destructive Denial

Our present hurtling descent into tyranny while the people do nothing, suggests that America suffers a case of mass insanity.  I recently asserted in this monograph that since Lincoln’s and Darwin’s era, America turned against God to accommodate every imaginable sin, and a few unimaginable ones.  The wages of such rebellion has been God’s judgment.  We presently wander in the desert, the only path back to civilization being repentance.

A second aspect of our national insanity is actual insanity, as defined.  In the psychological phenomenon known as Stockholm syndrome, also called capture–bonding, hostages begin to empathize and sympathize with their captors.  Eventually, even to love and defend them.  In this mental condition, the victim begins to consider any brief cessation of abuse to be an act of kindness by his captor. 

This form of traumatic bonding does not require a hostage scenario, as Dutton and Painter (Victimology Journal, 1981) found:  “(S)trong emotional ties…develop between two persons where one person intermittently harasses, beats, threatens, abuses, or intimidates the other” such as is commonly seen in abused wives.  It has also been evident in many populations under totalitarian rule. 

One common hypothesis explaining Stockholm syndrome is based in Freudian theory: the bonding is the victim’s response to the trauma of being a victim.  By identifying with the aggressor, the ego defends itself. If the victim can adopt the same values as the aggressor, the dire threat ceases to exist.   

Then another mental defense mechanism known as Normalcy Bias may come into play, as was witnessed among the two oldest generations of former Soviet subjects after collapse of the USSR.  In the victim’s mind, things will always remain as they are; nothing drastic will ever alter the conditions to which the victim has become accustomed – the accepted norm.

Having maintained a Tax Honesty website for a decade, I have witnessed this emotional phenomenon in hundreds of Americans.  The taxpayer petulantly demands that everyone must stay in the ‘fair share’ line, even after being shown clear sections of the Tax Code, dozens of cases, Supreme Court rulings spanning five generations, and the fact that over 67 million Americans no longer file.  

Even after 150 years of D.C. organized crime under the control of the cartels, don’t move the hamster’s wheel when it has yet a great deal of running to do; it will not take kindly to the distraction!

Incidentally, to followers of Allen West, Mychal Massie, et al: I assert that any Black American who claims to be a constitutional conservative yet is still shilling for the GOP is either ignorant of a major chapter in American history exposed here, or is sweeping the GOP charade under the rug merely to get ahead.  This puts them in the ironic position of criticizing Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and their ilk for toeing the Democrat party line for a handout, while doing the very same for the other corrupt machine.

Fallen Stalin

A traveler in Europe recently posted a description of Lithuania’s Grutas Park – a chilling display of communist statues that were removed from public squares in Lithuania. “Families with young children roam the park and it is no exception to see young children posing with Lenin or Stalin while their dad is making a picture. It is also a strange experience to visit…souvenir shops where you can buy mugs or small glasses with a portrait of Stalin on it.  Why would anyone buy a mug with the portrait on it of somebody who (ordered) the death of millions? … Bizarre but true.”

That park filled with former tyrants’ statues is certainly no more bizarre than America’s love affair with Abraham Lincoln.  For instance, the outsize Lincoln Memorial, an embarrassingly idolatrous monument, testifies to American ignorance; to the effectiveness of government education throughout the 20th century, here as in China or the former Soviet Union.   

A Lincoln’s Birthday Execration

Are you a defender of the U.S. Constitution and the norms and nobility of our Founding Fathers?  As a repentant Russian would do with the memory of Stalin, I invite you to join me in a new execration — a national curse — to Lincoln. 

Oh Captain, our Captain, on this day hundreds of thousands of young Americans will be taught to sing praises in blissful ignorance to you, hijacker of our Constitution!  Oh, creator of the first counterfeit U.S. dollar, they will extol your honesty and virtue!  Founder of the illegal national army that defies everything for which our founders lived and died, your witless victims salute you – led by Glenn Beck and Hillsdale College.

You were a bold liar while you lived, Dishonest Abe, and in academia your retinue still boldly peddles deceitful, conjured narratives of your achievement and character.   

Lord Acton said, “power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Great men have almost always been bad men”.  Obama, two Bushes, Clinton, Nixon, LBJ, FDR, Wilson, TR and others prove Lord Acton’s dictum, yet no one holds a candle to you, oh hijacker Captain, our Captain!

On your birthday, we curse your memory as we thank God for His justice.  For if 300 birthday celebrations be offered to you before truth prevails, soon or late your idolatrous statues will topple in the passion of American repentance.    

Blow your candles, Dishonest Abe, you’ll not blow them out! Gnash your teeth in Hell ten million birthdays to come, as the flames of your just desserts return to you the sufferings you’ve caused to millions.

If you are offended by this attack on your illiterate, insane tradition, that’s tough.  Get used to it, for law enforcement and housecleaning will likely continue the rest of our lives.  The AmericaAgain mission is to preserve, protect, and defend the U.S. Constitution against enemies foreign and domestic.  Said enemies for generations have included the majority of Washington D.C. functionaries with their agencies, bureaus, departments, regulations, programs, and agents whose very existence is in high violation of our highest law.  If you’re on the enemy’s side, suit yourself; law enforcement doesn’t require a majority and isn’t a popularity contest.

We The People — even just a remnant of 1% — intend to end organized crime in Congress, thus stopping the crime cartels and illustrating to the world that our Constitution, by God’s grace, allows us to peacefully accomplish what the Mexican and Russian people cannot. We can end our desert wandering; we can repent before the face of God.  We can get into action using tactical wisdom and multi-generational self-discipline that once characterized us as a people.   

You see, we will fling the cell doors open where lawless captors have held us for generations!  If this disturbs you, stay inside as we send your D.C. captors to join you; but don’t blame the messenger for delivering harsh truth.

No; blame your teachers all those years ago, whose warm traditions — whose lies — you now prefer to liberty.

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