A ‘Vision’ Of Government Run Healthcare

I have a pair of prescription sunglasses that I use for driving. I’ve had them since 2005, 4 yrs. ago. Because these glasses get thrown around in and out of my purse a million times, they have developed some superficial scratches on the lens….otherwise, they work fine. The sight part of the prescription is fine. I easily passed my driver’s license test with this prescription. Nonetheless, I decided I need to go get these lenses replaced, just to get rid of the scratches. Just buying lenses in no cheap affair. So I hustled over to Lenscrafters with my prescription in my hands to get this done….and lo and behold…..oh, no, they won’t replace these lenses unless I go get a new prescription. I said, “What?” “All I want to do is get new lenses!” They said, “No, you can’t.” I asked, “Who is in charge of my purchasing new lenses for my sunglasses?” The guy said, “The State of North Carolina is in charge.” Evidently, unbeknownst to me, the prescription must be less than two years old according to some bureaucrat.

Whoa, folks. There you have it.

Now you need to know the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey says. There is a former N.C. State legislator who is now sitting in jail for taking bribes. His downfall was colluding with chiropractors to manipulate the law. His name is, appropriately, Jim Black, an optometrist by trade. I think this is the same Jim Black who is responsible for pushing a law requiring every kindergartener to have an optometry exam before entering school. In other words, the State of North Carolina decides when your child needs to go to the Optometrist, not the parents. I , wonder who that benefits? Gee, let me guess. I don’t know who in the North Carolina legislature got greased to require time limits on eye prescriptions, but I do know someone got greased.

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All I know at this point is that in North Carolina I cannot get new lenses for my sunglasses unless I pay some optometrist for the privilege. And that dear friends is how this is going to go with the government in charge of your health instead of you. There will be so much unnecessary butt grabbing that you are going to think you are a melon at the produce stand. This is just one tiny miniscule example of who is going to tell you what you can and cannot do with regard to your health. Multiply that out for every American and what you have are some few very powerful bureaucrats telling you how to sneeze.

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Speaking of butt grabbing, I used to laugh at the colonoscopy nonsense. Imagine you are a gastroenterologist and you have political connections. What would be the fastest way to get rich? First scare everyone to death that they are next in line to get colon cancer. Then have some congressional edict require that everyone in the country march straight over to the nearest out-patient center and suffer through the colonoscopy routine…..the ‘drinking death liquid’ they force you to drink, the entire day off work and dependent on relatives who also have to take the day off work, the anesthesia, etc. The result? A lot of very wealthy gastroenterologists. Nice work if you can get it, eh??

Further, imagine the psychology of this. You have managed to get an entire population to succumb to your greedy plan, and they followed along like sheep to the slaughter. Insurance companies play the game with you, i.e. upping the premiums to cover everyone’s butts. (pun intended) You get hit in the wallet and the butt. But, the gastroenterologists of the world just made everyone scared to death (whether or not you have any history of intestinal problems) and forced everyone to take it in the rear!!

Wow, what a scheme.
For me today, it was the optometry association. I took one in the eye.
Good luck with that “Hope and Change” stuff. It’s getting worse by the minute.

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