A Poorly Designed Fence Certainly Can’t Keep Them Out

You may recall almost exactly three years ago, four politicians – two republicans and two democrats -departed Washington D.C. and headed to Arizona. The four ventured to the Southwest to tour the Mexico/Arizona border.

As Senators John McCain, Chuck Schumer, Jeff Flake, and Michael Bennett walked a section of the 18 foot high fence, they witnessed something rather astonishing (at least to them).

No one would have believed it except that Senator McCain tweeted, “Just witnessed a woman successfully climb an 18 ft bollard fence a few yards from us in #Nogales.”

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He added: “Border Patrol successfully apprehended her, but incident is reminder that threats to our border security are real.” You don’t say John. Maybe she was just coming over to do a job that an American won’t. Now, who once said that? Oh, that’s right – it was you Johnny.

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Still, you’d like to think an incident like that would have had enough of an effect on even the most hardcore democrat to at least cause them to question their pro-illegal stance. But no – not even this harsh reality could convince them we have a “border security” problem.

Of course, some would inevitably say that the poor woman was so desperate for a better life that she was willing to risk her life in scaling an 18 ft. steel fence. She should surely not be denied this opportunity. After all, it’s not like she was a drug runner or anything.

One might also ask just how this woman scaled an 18 ft fence. Simple – the border fence looks impressive but is poorly designed. Each large vertical steel slat is set slightly apart from one another, making it easy to grip each side as you climb up, leap over, and shimming down the other side into America. Brilliant!

Now, fast forward to today where there is a video circulating in which a news crew chronicled two young male drug runners caught in the act of doing the same thing as was the woman in 2013. Only these two fine young men had huge rectangular packs on their backs. Luckily for the news crew, the men appeared to be unarmed. When they reached the ground on the American side, they took off across the street. One of them was speaking on a cell phone – no doubt attempting a rendezvous. The two then spotted the camera trained on them and took off back over the fence – fleeing into the Mexican landscape.

Judging by the size of the packs, these two could have easily been carrying 50 lbs. of heroin (or something) each. For this reason alone, I have not the slightest doubt these two men made it across at some point, made their rendezvous, and now those drugs are on the way to a city near you. Possibly only a small portion of the estimated 230,000 lbs. smuggled across each year.

We have a real drug problem in this country, and every year that nothing is done on the border, it gets worse. Forget the old “Midnight Runs.” The demand is now such that smugglers brazenly hop the fence in broad daylight. It has gotten so bad that middle schools in some cities in my tiny state of New Hampshire are now required to have to overdose kits on site. IN MIDDLE SCHOOL!

The border must be closed –and it can be done – unless you’re Hillary Clinton, who said just last Tuesday, “…it’s unrealistic to say we’re going to completely shut down our borders to everyone. You know, that would stop commerce for example and that’s not in anybody’s interests.”

You’re absolutely right, Hillary. It would stop commerce – the commerce of the runaway drug trade and democrat voters.

I guess then, a vote for Hillary is a vote for heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, and marijuana. Go Hillary!

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