A Peek Behind the Green Curtain

I am pro-environment. Yes, I favor a clean environment–an environment of honesty and truth, where useful idiot protesters are told why they are sent out to protest against one industry or another. An environment where their shadowy benefactors come clean about their real intentions. An environment where bogus funds, set up as front groups, are forced to publicly proclaim where their backing really originates. I’m for that clean environment.

Dozens, if not hundreds, of these sham environmentalist groups have popped up out of nowhere over the years; yet, when the curtain is pulled back on any and all, we see that it’s the same cabal of leftist billionaires that fund them. And none of these ultra-rich “philanthropists” give to these groups publicly or out of the goodness of their hearts or to “save the planet.”

So what do these rich and powerful people want? Why, more power and more wealth. I guess billions just aren’t enough these days.

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Of course, a lot of these so-called grassroots groups are set up solely to advance the push for green energy and thus protest against conventional energy, like coal, oil, and gas. Yet very few of the actual protesters know that “green” groups like the Sea Change Foundation are funded by billionaire Wall Street tycoons who are in tight with the Obama administration and benefit financially from his war on conventional energy.

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The Sea Change Foundation is but one example of a climate change advocacy front group, funded by Nathaniel and Laura Baxter-Simons. He’s the son of hedge fund billionaire James Simons, the 34th richest man in America, according to Forbes. Nathaniel and his wife just happened to be invested in solar and wind energy, by sheer coincidence.

According to IBD, the stated goal of Sea Change is to “reduce reliance on high carbon energy.”

Oh, and other investors of Sea Change our Russian billionaires tied directly to Vladimir Putin. IBD reports: “Putin-allied Russian billionaires laundered $23 million through the Bermuda-based Wakefield Quin law firm to the Sea Change Foundation and thence to anti-fracturing and anti-Keystone groups, the Environmental Policy Alliance found.”

Sea Change is currently involved in trying to stop the construction of yet another pipeline, the Sandpiper Pipeline which will run from North Dakota, through Minnesota to Wisconsin. A Minnesota environmental group named “Honor the Earth” has also joined the fight against this span of pipeline.

Honor the Earth is supposed to be a small group of earth loving American Indians, yet once again, as we pull the curtain back, we find that it is funded by George Soros’s ultra-left Tides Foundation. In fact, IBD discovered that 99% of the funding for the Indian Earth lovers came from out-of-state.

Another benefactor of Honor the Earth is the Indigenous Environmental Network. That sounds all Native American, doesn’t it? Yet, taking a closer look reveals it to be yet another Tides Foundation front group. It is truly a money laundering scheme. George Soros funds the Tides Foundation, who funds another group which in turn funds another and then another and so on.

IBD reports that $25 billion is being spent by various groups to kill off this one pipeline project.

The sole purpose of these tax-exempt foundations is, in some way, to further enrich their benefactors by gaming the system, buying off politicians, purchasing pressure groups and killing off competition, which is the case with billionaire Obama buddy Warren Buffett.

He, you may recall, was the behind the scenes force to kill off the Keystone XL pipeline so companies would be forced to use his rail line to ship oil, which worked like a charm.

These people are unconscionable, but have had great success, not only in their fake green endeavors, but also in hiding their identities and true motives from the mass of useful idiots that protest on their behalf.

And the left complains about Republican billionaires. Right!

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