A Bombshell Revealed In The Matthew Shepard Case

Homosexual martyr Matthew Shepard was made the poster child for hate crimes in 1998. The innocent college boy brutally murdered by two men who claimed the “queer panic” defense, he became a pop cultural icon for the homosexual rights movement. The murder of Matthew Shepard was gruesome, but is there more than meets the eye about this crime? The truth about what actually happened could blow the lid off this case and also expose the lies of those who made it their mission to turn Shepard into a saint.

76483_10151337434251183_130743406_nThe Matthew Shepard case is a phony scandal that was made into an international scandal of “homosexual hate” running rampant in society. It was the Trayvon Martin case of its day. The murder itself was horrible and extremely gruesome. Nothing excuses murder, but to make the story into a tale of martyrdom for “homosexual hate” was absurd, and now a clearer picture is coming together. One that completely changes the narrative of the story and the entire “movement” itself.

Author Stephen Jimenez’s book The Book of Matt is set to release next week, and in it the truth about Matthew Shepard will be revealed. Jimenez interviewed over 100 of Shepard’s friends, the friends of his killers, and the killers themselves.

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What actually happened? The truth is that Matthew Shepard was tortured and murdered in October 1998, by Aaron McKinney and Russell Henderson who are both serving life sentences. But this was no random act.

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Shepard was a meth dealer, and Aaron McKinney was a heavy meth abuser and a sex partner of Shepard’s. McKinney had been on a five day meth binge when Shepard was killed.

Indeed, his killer may have killed him because Shepard allegedly came into possession of a large amount of methamphetamine and refused to give it up. SHEPARDX400

So why the “queer panic” defense for McKinney and Henderson? It could have been that they were pressured into this. Friends of Shepard’s were talking about Shepard being the victim of “homophobes” right after the crime was committed, and this crime would fit the narrative of a “hate crime” perfectly. Also, McKinney might not have wanted the truth about his sexual history with Shepard revealed. This was the perfect crime for hungry homsexual rights activists to grab onto and use as a rallying cry for their cause.

By the time he died, five days later, the question had been firmly settled, as news reporters and homosexual organizations like GLAAD rushed in. As JoAnn Wypijewski wrote in a brilliant 1999 piece for Harper’s Magazine, “Press crews who had never before and have not since lingered over gruesome murders of homosexuals came out in force, reporting their brush with a bigotry so poisonous it could scarcely be imagined.”

What absurdities. But it fit the GLAAD narrative to rush in and try to make this a crime of bigotry. It fit the expanding and ever powerful homosexual agenda. And in 1999, this force was coming together. And the Matthew Shepard case gave them power and ammunition.

It’s hardly surprising to learn from Jimenez that Shepard was also a routine drug user, and — according to some of his friends — an experienced dealer. (Although, there is no real evidence for supposing that Shepard was using drugs himself on the night of his murder).

Actually it is surprising. What was fashioned by the homosexual agenda machine to look like a hate crime was actually fueled by drugs and sex. Shepard was not an innocent in this crime of “hate,” so every story ever created about this crime was a bold face lie.

Should we expect Elton John, Lady Gaga, and Melissa Ethridge to change the songs they wrote about him? Should the writers of The Laramie Project, which is still being performed, rewrite the script to tell the truth about what actually happened to Shepard?

It’s doubtful that anyone will ever mention the truth, even though The Advocate write up did pose the idea that what we know about the case might be wrong, but that doesn’t make the story any less useful.

There are valuable reasons for telling certain stories in a certain way at pivotal times, but that doesn’t mean we have to hold on to them once they’ve outlived their usefulness.”

In other words, the media got the good out of the story and it served it’s purpose. Homosexual activists used the story to their full advantage, and they got exactly what they wanted out of it.

And naturally, The Matthew Sheppard Foundation says, “Attempts now to rewrite the story of this hate crime appear to be based on untrustworthy sources, factual errors, rumors and innuendo rather than the actual evidence gathered by law enforcement and presented in a court of law.”

Would anyone expect less from the radical leftists in the homosexual agenda? A lie is fine as long as it serves its purpose.

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