A Basic Feminist Foundation: De-masculinizing and De-moralizing Men

A feminist controlled society teaches us that men are the root of all evil.  If these men are white, then another tick in the “score card” against them.  Conservative?  Even worse.  From a young age, women in our culture are taught things in light of hatred for men, such as the fallacy of “Women can have it all”, “We don’t need a man to be happy or successful”, “Don’t rely on a man to take care of you”, “Use him for what he’s got, get all you can from him!”, “You don’t need a man to be a parent”, “You tell him what to do, otherwise he wont’ know” and “Don’t tell me my place is in the home!”  Jokes are made about “training your man” to be more compliant with demands. Living together is preferred over marriage, largely because feminists have taught our nation that it’s “better for them”.  Men have no permanent use for women, so likewise, they can be left out of permanent equations.

Everything from television shows to movies to country music I heard in a restaurant recently, depicts men as stupid, brainless, lazy, there for manipulating, and useless.

We know with laws surrounding “abortion rights” that men have been taken out of the equation of being a parent.  If a woman is pregnant, and doesn’t “want the baby”, she can abort without saying a single word to a man who may very well greatly desire to care for the baby he had responsibility in creating.

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Our nation has taught it’s daughters that they are to draw no distinctions between females and males.  We shuffle them out the door to unsafe places all on their own, because we refuse to identify them differently from boys.  Then, as they are on their own in college, often living as wildly as the males, they adopt feminist idealism that sets the stage for a rejection of anything to do with masculinity.  They idolize Marxist leaders, liberal ideologies, and warped and non-understood views of founders of feminism; neglecting that the founders have hate:  hate for men, hate for God, hate for freedom and a hate for God’s blessing of marriage, as their own core.

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In movies and TV shows, dads are generally the bumbling idiot, while mom runs the show.  Many times, she is a corporate she-male, who has to come home and “fix” whatever hair-brained schemes “dumb ole’ dad” had during his time with the child.  It’s almost like a play on the simple and pure humor of yesterday that we found in innocent shows such as “I love Lucy”.  Of course, now you can’t show mom that way, you must depict dad as the idiot.

“As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths” (Isaiah 3:12)

In a culture of reducing men to occasional sperm donors, and honorary “child watchers” so women can live whatever way feminists have guaranteed them, what is happening to our men and our boys?  When boys are taught from a young age that their role is less important than the role of almighty “princess women”, they will certainly believe it.  When they hear women badmouthing the men in their lives, hear it on the radio, and see it on the TV and big screen, will they possibly desire to live up to more?  Why would they?

“A soft answer turneth away wrath: but grievous words stir up anger.” (Proverbs 15:1)

If we’ve made the role of men disposable in a feminist culture, then the role of boys is simply to play sports well, and watch sports, and have hobbies and toys.  Then they are expected to continue to be boys, de-masculinized and ready for failure. They are largely expected to grow up to sow wild oats, party, go to college, and settle into whatever panty-waist position of pee-on co-pants wearer, their “partner” (don’t call them wives) may desire them to be at some point in the future.  To what else will they aspire?  They learn, “Real men don’t sit in church, don’t read their Bibles, don’t take a leadership role among haughty women in our culture, and don’t demand respect from women.”  They fear women, and feminists have taught them to do just that.

We are forever damaging our nation of leaders among men because of the feminist movement, the birth control and IVF culture, and the “equality in all ways” ideology.  Women and men most certainly are equal in humanity, in our worth, and in our value.  However, we are different from one another in ways so vast, only God can explain it.   Feminists won’t admit that difference, though.  They would rather pretend the male gender is disposable, simply because it doesn’t fit into the feminist, Sanger ideology and societal plan to include them.

Badmouthing men, and de-masculinizing them may be the common order of business for the liberal women of today, their daughters, and the results can be seen in their male children.  A generation of men-the first truly born from feminism, have grown without fathers, (either any present, or any who wish to stand up and lead) and learned to “get what is due them” in their entitlement society.  Living on the government handout, and not being the least bit ashamed of their laziness, their ignorance or their irresponsibility is the order of the day.  A man would once be ashamed if he was unable to provide fully for his family.  Now, he stands in the checkout line, blissfully equipped for the job of throwing Fruit Loops on the checkout belt, while his “partner” wields a government cash card.  He’s got his Xbox at home, his beer and his chips.  He’s got no clue whatsoever that this is a degradation to his very core.

We spend so much time in our society wondering, “Where have all the good guys gone?”  I’ll tell you where they’ve gone.  They’ve regressed into forever little boys that feminists wanted them to be.  Then, they get their proverbial cake, and can eat it, too.  They can claim there are “no good men left”, so that they can have their free sex, their access to birth control and abortion, and live on the government handout, while never having to surrender their childish, selfish and anti-God feminist ideals.  “There are no good men left”, they say.  “See my man?  He’s in the bedroom playing video games.”  They love playing both sides of the equation, and they have no desire to have a nation of strong men.

If you are wondering where all the good men have gone, try treating the “good men” in your life with a little respect!  Try reinforcing in your sons what their role is in the future of their own lives, our nation, and God’s Kingdom.  Let them know, there are still some anti-feminist women out there who want them to be men, who actually admire real men of integrity and responsibility and all that it entails!  Remind them with your actions and your role modeling, that some of us understand what they are up against! Uphold a policy of not contributing to the feminization of the boys and men of our culture, and reinforcing that men are necessary, and valued, and that they have a role unique from that of women.

Don’t demonize boys for being born with inherent differences from girls!  Boys by nature are different.  Don’t try to take all the rough out of them, and feminize them.  This roughness, when tempered with self-control and strong moral character, is what builds the great men of our nation.  As a society, we must stop demonizing the male traits and characteristics of being provider, protector and leader.  In your small world of your own family and community, uphold liberties and freedoms that allow men to be men, husbands, fathers and role models.  Protect the Constitution, which allows for the pursuit of happiness for not just liberal feminists and morally degenerate males, but the strong males of our day!

Know that feminism cannot co-habitate with life and with strong marriages and foundations, and it’s handiwork can be traced to racists and eugenicists such as Margaret Sanger.  It is not a panacea.  It is a nation destroyer.   Yet, feminists will not admit they are a large part of the very reason the bricks of this nation are giving way-faster than many of us had thought they would.

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