As if there weren't enough questions over what happened with 9-11, Facebook recently published an ad for car insurance targeting Texas drivers. Does the face in the ad look familiar? Below is the ad as it appeared on Facebook.

 Facebook Advertising

Well for most people who saw the ad, I'm sure it was no big deal. For most people who saw the ad, I'm sure it was no big deal. Like most small ads off to the side of Facebook, one rarely pays attention to them. However, look a bit closer and you will see that the face oddly resembles Mohamed Atta.

Atta, as you recall was one of the alleged highjackers of American Airlines Flight 11. He was the alleged pilot that crashed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Notice a copy of his Florida Driver's License below. It is stunning how much the picture resembles the one in the ad.

 Facebook Advertising

In fact, it resembles Atta so much that the insurance company that posted the ad has now pulled it and is investigating how it got there in the first place.

My guess is that it got there from someone playing with Photoshop and popped Atta's face on a driver's license as a prank and uploaded it to the web and the guys who designed the ad simply pulled it and placed it in the ad. Though honestly, I can't imagine someone doing that innocently. I guess it does happen though.

Facebook has been known to put up lots of borderline-spam ads on its site and they should seek to reign in some of their policies concerning advertising.

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