Obamanomics 101 & The Reality Of U.S. Debt

Should the United States government borrow more money?? The United States government is operating on the “Full, Faith, and Credit” of the American people. The United States government IS “We the People.” Do the American people have over $16 Trillion to pay a debt? Is $16 Trillion enough?

I’ve been wondering what ever happened to that woman who was so elated a couple of years ago that she was going to get Obamamoney…from Obama’s stash. I’ve also been wondering about the masses he convinced of the same thing. Did they think he was the Black Santa Claus? Did they think he was the Black Robin Hood? Did they think he was the Black Avenger? Did they think Barack Obama had some magic ability to transfer the money from those nasty rich people and start handing out cash to them? Did they think Barack Obama was going to rob the treasury and hand it over to them? Surely they are disappointed to find that all of BO’s promises to “redistribute” the wealth has not resulted in piles of cash landing in their front yards.

Well, he’s stealing alright, just not the way they thought and not just from his rich cronies, but from the American people.

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What kind of person encourages masses of people to hate another group of people for the sake of his own personal gain? What kind of person would steal from masses of people in order to aggrandize himself? And then, what kind of person votes for that hate and theft?

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Class warfare and outright theft are the methods of operation Obama uses to massage his ego. Those two things, along with lying, are the hallmarks of one of the most twisted political leaders I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. In some psychologically, bent out of reality, twisted way, I’m sure he thinks he is standing on high ground. In his world, hating, stealing, and lying, are the high ground. To him, it’s a matter of style, finesse, and how cleverly you can manipulate people. He found an ideology to match his personality and that ideology comes with methods he likes. This is the twisted mind of Karl Marx’s “Ends justify the means” manifested in real life, in real time right, before our eyes, in the person of Barack Obama. He has no interest in lowering the debt limit burden on the American people. If I were betting, from his actions, I’d bet just the opposite; that he wishes nothing more than the end of the United States of America.

Paraphrasing part of his speech to La Raza back in 2011, “When I took office I inherited ten trillion dollars in debt, which then made me have to borrow more money to fix things.” Say what? He borrowed your money. It’s yours and the money of your children and grandchildren. (This is the Flip Wilson excuse, “The Devil Made Me Do It.” But with Obama playing the part of Geraldine. If you are too young to remember this, you really ought to take a minute and watch it!)

You and I are going to have to pay that back, plus pay interest on that money. Obama is not at risk of having to pay for any of his own actions on your behalf. At this moment the individual personal debt to the U.S. government is $46,000 plus. He’s holding your “full, faith, and credit” as ransom. You and I both know that each American does not have $46,000 lying around to hand over to the government. (That figure does not even include the future unfunded liabilities of the entitlement programs.) So how is Obama proposing you pay that loan back? By borrowing more money. And by raising taxes.

Raising taxes on the “rich” he says will fix the problem. They will have to pay…not you, according to the Obamanomics master. He is trying to make you believe that those “rich” people are going to be stuck with the bill, while you go dancing off into the sunset. Is that why he signed you onto a tax on the sale of your house? Are you rich? Is that why he decided to soak your employer for health insurance, so much so that your employer is most likely to drop health insurance benefits altogether? Is that why he said your energy prices will necessarily “skyrocket?” (while he spends billions subsidizing windmills and solar panels?) Is that why every policy he puts in place causes inflation and higher commodities prices?

It’s all so simple really. Those who created the debt should be paying for it, not the American people. If Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the Dem. Black Caucus, Obama, Geithner, and all of their cronies want the debt paid, let them pay for it. If Warren Buffet thinks he is not paying enough taxes, well then Mr. Buffet should just turn over his fortune to the United States government for payment. The American people are the victims of the greatest long term fraud and heist every known to mankind. The American people do not want more debt. The American people did not create the debt.

There is money going out of our government for programs that the American people don’t want, never wanted, don’t need, and wish to end. Obama has quadrupled the debt to subsidize his own Marxist ideology. There is highly questionable foreign aid being doled out in our name using borrowed money, money we do not have, but we and our children will have to pay. There are government programs no one wants, but are being forced onto the public. There are subsidies for useless nonsense.

The reality of this debt is that America is doomed by it. Our country cannot exist under this burden. Our resources and assets are being and will be sold off to pay for it. Our sovereignty has been sold down the river. The game is over. The end is not in sight. There is no light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a Black Hole, gleefully dug deeper by this President and our Congress.

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