Thirty thousand Predator drones are on their way to U.S. skies as part of both a border patrol program, as well as, offer commercial drones by 2015.

The FAA Reauthorization Act, which President Obama is expected to sign, also orders the Federal Aviation Administration to develop regulations for the testing and licensing of commercial drones by 2015.

Steven Aftergood, who heads the program says, "There are serious policy questions on the horizon about privacy and surveillance, by both government agencies and commercial entities."

Attorney Jennifer Lynch echoes Aftergood's statements by stating that the Electronic Frontier Foundation is "concerned about the implications for surveillance by government agencies."

While they have been effective on the battlefield in Afghanistan, it is very unnerving to know that the federal government and commercial enterprises will be flying drones in mass in American skies.

Mr. Aftergood went on to explain all of the other "good" the drones will be useful for such as helping during disaster relief operations, fighting fires, and finding missing climbers or hikers.

The Washington Times reports:

"The agency projects that 30,000 drones could be in the nation's skies by 2020."

The obvious potential for abuse is breathtaking. The violation of the Fourth Amendment is even more probable.

According to national security counsel for the Electronic Privacy Information Center Amie Stepanovich, "Currently, the only barrier to the routine use of drones for persistent surveillance are the procedural requirements imposed by the FAA for the issuance of certificates."

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