The 2016 Presidential primaries should be all the proof an American needs to see that the US government is now nothing more than a socialist dictatorship.

Never before have we witnessed a political party such as the current Republican Party, as they try every trick in the book to keep their front running candidate from getting the nomination, as is the case with Donald Trump. This is also going on with the Democrat primaries where incident after incident of fraud by Hillary Clinton is seen in almost every state primary. 

In Iowa, Hillary Clinton cheated her way to a win over Bernie Sanders through outright voter number manipulation and then by supposedly winning 6 coin tosses in a row.

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The cheating continued in Arizona.

In Massachusetts, Bill Clinton was caught on camera obstructing Sanders voters from entering a polling place. In response to his actions, a petition calling for his arrest and prosecution went up on where well over 100,000 people have signed thus far.

This is just the tip of the Clinton iceberg of voter cheats and fraud. There is also the question of just how Hillary can lose to Sanders in certain states and still get more delegates than he does.

In New Hampshire, Sanders beat Clinton by getting 60% of the vote, yet she walked away with 15 delegates while Sanders got only 13.

In almost every state where Sanders defeated Clinton, Hillary has managed to acquire almost half of the available delegates.

On the Republican side of the primaries, the establishment GOP is doing all it can to make sure Trump does not make it to being the Republican nomination. They tried to employ Mitt Romney to destroy Trump's popularity, he failed.

The establishment GOP has threatened to have a brokered convention in the case Trump appears to be the clear winner to the nomination.

The GOP has said they will draft House Speaker Paul Ryan over Trump in the event of a Trump victory.

The Obama Administration has also had a big hand in trying to keep Trump out of contention by employing groups such as Black Lives Matter and others to disrupt Trump rallies. 

All this effort to keep Trump out of the White House by both Republican and Democrat Parties should show us we no longer have a two party system in Washington. What we do have is a one party government where the difference between the old two parties doesn't exist.

Today's Washington, from the Oval Office down throughout the House and Senate, is a government comprised of socialists who dictate laws of the land rather than represent the people who voted for them. We also have a very corrupt voting system where the government's desired candidates are always assured of winning, whether or not they get the most votes. The electronic ballot is the easiest way to manipulate votes to show a desired winner rather than an actual winner.

What it will take for a candidate who is the clear choice of the voters and not a government imposed individual to win, is for such a candidate to have such overwhelming numbers at the polls, his or her win simply cannot be denied.

After almost 8 years of Obama socialism and dictatorship, such a clear winner at the rigged polls will certainly be a Republican candidate. This is because most Americans still do not see that their government has become socialist and still believe a Republican will change things. Even though they have been presented with the proof of the one party socialist government, the last time when voters overwhelmingly went for Republicans in the House and Senate and still nothing changed.

The clear choice for putting an end to the Washington dictatorship is Donald Trump. We know this because the dictatorship is attacking him from all sides and fears him becoming President. This fear demonstrated by the Washington establishment, under the ruse of Republicans and Democrats, of Donald Trump shows us he will restore this country to the free constitutional nation it once was.

Now is America's opportunity to oust the socialist dictatorship in Washington peacefully. If we the people fail this chance, it will come to a second Civil War to restore our country. 

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