2014 Elections: Will America Once Again Abdicate to the Powerful?

Falsely billed by our government as a bridge to 21st Century prosperity, successful Globalization has cemented the American income/opportunity gap, shattered our sense of national purpose and all but guaranteed reliance on Washington’s anti-constitutional lies.

The big debate in Washington circles these days—who gets the spoils from bleeding our treasury and the power to central plan our future—has replaced the rule of law. Not surprising, since most politicians (Democrats and Republicans) share a history of trading our rights for the opportunity to steal a more preferable stall at the taxpayer trough.

As you read this, Rove, Norquist, Clinton, Christie, Messina and the government manipulated media are gathering. Meanwhile Americans with more mouth than inclination thump their collective chests on Facebook pages while worthy patriotic efforts at civil disobedience go unstaffed and unsupported.

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We live in a time marked by avarice, ignorance, fear, disunion and godlessness. Thoughtless individualism is betraying common purpose. Vitriol has replaced commitment and courage in America.

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You would think by now, Americans, all Americans, would be lining up to march on Washington. To confront the men and women—Democrats and Republicans—who claim the divine right to lead our Republic. Elites educated at institutions reserved for the wealthy who sell illusions of future bi-partisan government wisdom. An aristocracy purchased and maintained to perpetuate the mirage of self-governance in America.

We are no longer self-governed. We willingly abdicated our influence decades ago. We no longer march. We watch it on television or YouTube.

Americans no longer recognize our common interests, unless of course you consider common interests to include arguing insignificant interpretations of facts or running anonymously from conspiracy theory.

American common interest is now measured by our ability to stay out of the government’s way; to out survive our neighbor and hope that fate preserves America’s freedoms all by itself. This is the sad reality of today’s America.

What do you fear? Government destroyed our families and communities, sanctioned rampant corruption, and discouraged unity long before Barack Obama; long before the dreaded unsustainable Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

No one forces any American to take a handout from a politician, but we not only take them, we encourage them. From tax deductions to electronic benefits transfers, one false unconstitutional economic advantage after the other, we have created this behemoth we now pray to survive. We ignored decade after decade of warnings, but most still feed on—in some shape or fashion— the 17 trillion dollar globally augmented government tit.

Our government (elected Republicans and Democrats) gambled on Globalism and lost. You were warned, you allowed it and you profited from it. Now, four out of five of Americans (Republicans, Democrats and Independents) struggle with uncertain employment, poverty, a worthless currency, predatory finance, subjugation, erosion of liberty and freedom, all brought to you by an aristocratic bureaucracy in Washington you ignored.

Moreover, as we struggle, the government is siphoning America’s income and wealth to support their powerful elite global benefactors; America’s old money families who care nothing for America’s future. Their family names no longer grace building marques on Wall or Chambers, but their spawn is still in charge. When they finish fleecing you, they will move on and the scraps that fall from their tables (from Social Security to National Security) will vanish.

If you do anything in 2014 America, help your fellow countrymen. Get involved. We need to cease fighting among ourselves. We are all responsible, Men and Women. We are only fueling division while Washington grows stronger and Globalism constricts its grip.

All over America our Republic requires your time and attention. Many worthy causes and candidates need you now. You do not have the luxury of sitting out another election. You do not have another election to wait to get involved. This is our country. They work for us. If you do not take it back from them civilly, they will take it from you while you kick and scream about your extinct rights.

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