2014 Elections: Just Because a Legislator Has An “R” After Their Name Doesn’t Mean They Should Be Elected

With 2014 being an election year, fundraising events, for both parties, will soon be in full-swing.  I was in attendance at the Republican “kick-off” event in Kalispell, Montana on Saturday, February 15, known as The Lincoln\Reagan Dinner.  A good friend of mine was gracious enough to purchase my tickets, and other friends of mine coordinated and hosted the event.  And, although I do not consider myself a Republican, my wife and I had a delightful time.  This short article, despite the title, is not intended to bash Republicans.  Its intent is to challenge them to be better, and to come together in the cause of liberty.  Lastly, I hope to urge potential voters to hold ALL those running for election to a higher standard than merely a party affiliation.

For the record, I do not like politicians.  I’m not kidding, I genuinely dislike most of them.  “Statesmen,” on the other hand, are men and women that I can stand behind and promote.  From my research, there are not many statesman, if any, inside the Democratic Party; and I am largely Republican leaning for that reason.  However, the luster has worn off of the Republican Party, especially of late, and something needs to be done about it.  Why has this happened? 

I say, too many politicians and not enough statesman.  As I sat through the many ovations Saturday, some of the standing variety, I couldn’t help from thinking about how a Republican President sold this country’s freedom out with The Patriot Act, or how, in Alabama recently, Republicans voted to end freedom of the press. 

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As an aside, why do we give standing ovations to legislators merely because they are legislators?  They work for us, no?  It’s like the manager of McDonalds giving the line cook a standing ovation when he shows up for his shift.  But, I digress. 

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In my opinion, the “R” behind a legislators name deactivates the critical thinking mechanism in about half of registered Republicans.  It’s as if that “R” is some badge of righteousness, and its holder can do no wrong.  Anything they say, or vote for, from that point on is meaningless.  They got the “R,” so they have “got our back.”  Why do good people keep falling for this?  Mindless support of anyone because of their party affiliation is one reason that Republicans are in the mess that they are in now, in my opinion. 

A moral foundation, which has historically set Republicans apart from Democrats, seems to have been lost in an attempt to “have a seat at the table,” or to “reach across the aisle.”   And, along with that loss of morality came the loss of much of the true conservative base. In a world of scandal and fraud, people are growing weary of the status quo.  The rise of the Tea Party should be witness to that.  No, Republicans are not the answer.  In my view, we need to cast our vote for Constitutional Conservatives.  Will all of them be Republican? Probably.  So, Republicans are the pool to choose from.  However, party affiliation should be low on the criteria. 

One of the themes of the Lincoln\Reagan Dinner was that these next couple of years are critical for our nation’s history, and we need Republicans elected to save us.  I’m not buying it…  We need people of principle, who are conservative and stand on a Constitutional foundation.  If they are Republicans, so be it.  That, with God’s help, is our only chance

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