With Oil on the rise and the Fed ready to print money at the drop of wooden nickels, America is getting setup to take a huge hit in gasoline prices. Already we've seen prices climb dramatically in the past couple of week.

Just this week an ABC News Report was focusing on the rise in gasoline prices and in the couple of minutes it took for the story to be aired the price of gas went up 0.10! Obviously if you live in California you are paying way too much! It's about a $1.50 less on the east coast.

As patrons of the gas pumps we get fed up with rising prices, as we should. Some stores are obviously gouging customers. However the truth is that our debt as a nation had a lot to do with not only gas prices but with prices in general, because everything is transported via vehicles that require gasoline. So as the price of gas goes, so does the price of everything else.

A recent story by Zero Hedge also takes into account the massive quantitative easing (QE) of the Federal Reserve. He writes, “The sole reason why crude prices are surging is because global liquidity has risen by $2 trillion in a few short months, on the most epic shadow liquidity tsunami launched in history in lieu of QE3.” The Wall Street Journal also took on the issue of the rising price of oil.

We are unwilling to deal with a real solution, especially in an election year to the problem of inflation in the economy and the deflation of the dollar. The Obama administration is trying to prop up the dollar, hoping it won't completely collapse this year. They are simply trying to maintain a bit of stability by placing band-aids on a gaping sore that will eventually rupture and will bring massive casualties of it.

This will inevitably lead to higher prices, not just on gasoline but on everything. Furthermore, we have already been told we could see $5 a gallon gas by summer.

Crude oil has been up this week surged up to $125 a barrel!

Is the administration concerned with how this effects you and I? Doesn't look like it. In fact, it looks as if they are only concerned with spending more of our money, playing more holes of golf, taking more vacations and then blathering to us about how much more we need to sacrifice in this country!

Just a word of advice, gasoline may become like gold and silver in the coming days. As was reported, some people are finding out that others have come along and helped themselves to their gasoline. They got the five finger discount, and that's when prices are what they are now. What is going to happen when prices jump another $2?

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